Better Business Intelligence Governance Leads to Greater Success

By James Tang | Feb 9, 2017 6:31:24 AM

Companies implementing a business intelligence strategy and system often anticipate the many benefits that shared data brings throughout the organization. Shared data, however, must be married to strong governance for the greatest success with BI systems. An October 2016 paper from Forbes entitled Breakthrough Business Intelligence: How Stronger Governance Becomes a Force for Enablement examined

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CRM Like a Rock Star: Three Unexpected Ways to Use Your CRM System

By Tomas Blomqvist | Feb 7, 2017 10:40:09 AM

Customer relationship management (CRM) can become all-too predictable. Sales use it to track leads and opportunities. Marketing uses it to send newsletters, updates, and promotions. But what do your customers think about all this? Can you use your CRM system in new ways that surprise, delight, and inform your customers?

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A Common Sense Guide to Inventory Management and Warehouse Distribution

By Manny Buigas | Feb 2, 2017 12:13:11 PM

Many managers are so focused on quantitative results that they fail to apply simple common sense to inventory management and warehouse distribution. It's an issue across many manufacturers and other companies; focusing so much on the pricing or technological side of the inventory management equation that you fail to

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Three Surprising Types of Clouds - for Cloud Computing

By Glen Mund | Jan 31, 2017 9:19:12 AM

Have you heard the term public cloud? Cloud computing can be described as public clouds, private clouds, or a mix of both. Here's what each means - and why you shouldn't worry if your business uses a public cloud.

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Improving Response Times with Service Management (Technisoft) Integration

By Richard White | Jan 30, 2017 6:48:48 AM

Businesses often talk about using excellent customer service as their distinguishing feature, but few do all that it takes to really give customers an outstanding experience. Using a service management program, integrated with your ERP system, can help you provide that extra service that customers will long remember after the sales are finished.

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BI Benefits: How Business Intelligence Makes Sales Forecasting Easier

By James Tang | Jan 13, 2017 9:14:43 AM

Business intelligence software can improve many aspects of your business. One area where it makes forecasting easier is sales. By using the data derived from multiple areas in your company, business intelligence software can provide accurate sales information that facilitates forecasting.

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Don’t Sacrifice Speed for Quality in ERP Implementation

By Chathu Amarasinghe | Jan 10, 2017 10:50:00 AM

Many companies want to speed up their ERP implementation timeline. They may be late getting to an ERP project, or late kicking it off, and suddenly feel like the clock is ticking. A good project manager can help you find places in the timeline where you may be able to shave off a day here or there, but there’s one thing you should never

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Secrets for Manufacturing Business Success: Track and Monitor Equipment Usage Using Your Barcode Software

By Sam Umali | Jan 9, 2017 8:40:13 AM

From offices to manufacturing centers, tracking, and monitoring fixed assets can be time-consuming. In the olden days, many office managers kept spreadsheets of fixed assets that includes desks, chairs, computers, forklifts, and more. It was hard to track equipment that was moved among various locations, and frantic phone calls to managers at different plants or

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