BI Benefits: How Business Intelligence Makes Sales Forecasting Easier

By James Tang | Jan 13, 2017 9:14:43 AM

Business intelligence software can improve many aspects of your business. One area where it makes forecasting easier is sales. By using the data derived from multiple areas in your company, business intelligence software can provide accurate sales information that facilitates forecasting.

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Don’t Sacrifice Speed for Quality in ERP Implementation

By Chathu Amarasinghe | Jan 10, 2017 10:50:00 AM

Many companies want to speed up their ERP implementation timeline. They may be late getting to an ERP project, or late kicking it off, and suddenly feel like the clock is ticking. A good project manager can help you find places in the timeline where you may be able to shave off a day here or there, but there’s one thing you should never

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Secrets for Manufacturing Business Success: Track and Monitor Equipment Usage Using Your Barcode Software

By Sam Umali | Jan 9, 2017 8:40:13 AM

From offices to manufacturing centers, tracking, and monitoring fixed assets can be time-consuming. In the olden days, many office managers kept spreadsheets of fixed assets that includes desks, chairs, computers, forklifts, and more. It was hard to track equipment that was moved among various locations, and frantic phone calls to managers at different plants or

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What Causes High Turnover – and What You Can Do to Stop It

By Nancy Pearce | Jan 6, 2017 10:37:27 AM

A new Human Resources Information System (HRIS) can yield important insights into your company’s human resources needs. One such need that may be revealed is high turnover. The cost of employee turnover is staggering, not just in terms of recruiting and hiring new workers, but in time lost to candidate searches and interviews, lost productivity, and lost knowledge as workers exit

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Get the Most from Your CRM: Customer Retention Strategies

By Zainab Salihi | Jan 4, 2017 8:51:15 AM

Your CRM system can be a valuable part of a strong customer retention strategy. Marketing experts speak of the marketing cycle as acquisition, retention, and loyalty. Acquisition is the first step; it means to attract new customers to your business. Retention and loyalty are closely linked, with retention meaning

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Use Your CRM System to Assess Business Performance

By Zainab Salihi | Dec 5, 2016 10:35:19 AM

Businesses often think of their CRM systems as “marketing only”, and by marketing, they mean the typical push-marketing scenario: pushing out emails or messages to clients in the hopes of making a sale.

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Business Intelligence Challenges: Who Owns It?

By James Tang | Dec 1, 2016 6:59:06 AM

One of the challenges facing companies who add business intelligence software to their suite of productivity and information tools is the challenge of ensuring that the database is kept updated and refined over time. Although newer, cloud-based BI solutions update their software automatically, and

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Next Generation Supply Chain Management

By Dale Robertson | Nov 29, 2016 7:02:05 AM

Returning to the Roots of Developing a World-Class Supply Chain

Industry Week recently featured an interesting op-ed piece. In an article entitled The Case for Supplier Development, top manufacturing consultant Paul Ericksen called for a return to the roots of good manufacturing through the development of a world-class supply chain.

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