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Streamline your manufacturing and distribution processes, reduce costs and inventory balances, and improve your bottom line

Many businesses find it challenging to manage their business successfully and effectively. However, what many businesses fail to realize is the simple solution of accurate and timely information with INDUSTRIOS. The tools you select to support your operations must be capable of integrating data from your sales, engineering, production, logistics, and accounting teams. INDUSTRIOS is an enterprise solution designed with applications that are focused on managing your business processes. These include customer and vendor management, order fulfillment, materials planning and procurement, production control and scheduling, and inventory control.


INDUSTRIOS Manufacturing Software

For all your manufacturing software needs, INDUSTRIOS provides an effective, easy-to-use solution that expands to fit your specific requirements. For manufactures in make-to-order, configure-to-order, make-to-stock, assemble-to-order and mixed mode environments, INDUSTRIOS is a flexible solution that grows with you and evolves with your business.

From prospecting to quoting and sales, through all phases of production, inventory and material management, INDUSTRIOS has you covered. But it doesn't stop there, your after sales needs for customer service, warranties and service contracts as well as returns are addressed in one fully integrated system.

Focus on the Customer

Customer Service is so much more than being able to record some pertinent facts about a customer, it goes far beyond. It encompasses the ability to capture and track your relationship with your customer through CRM, then goes beyond that by providing a full set of tools to allow you to manage all types of transactions you might perform in relation to your customer. A Customer Service approach puts your customer at the center of all that you do.

Managing Your Inventory Investment

Having accurate, up-to-date on hand balances and knowing the value of your inventory are central to being able to manage your inventory investment. Ensuring that the inventory you do have is the inventory you need is critical to your success. With the tight, seamless integration that the INDUSTRIOS Inventory module offers, you can rest assured that you have the tools you need to manage your inventory and gain better control than before.

Keeping You Supplied

Your material and purchasing departments have a significant impact on how smooth your operations run. In order to meet demand from production and satisfy customer requirements, these teams need to evaluate the production schedule in conjunction with supplier lead times to determine how you will meet the promised delivery date. Your planners and purchasers also need a detailed understanding of each order’s requirements so that the right materials and services are bought from the correct vendors and for the right price. Managing your vendors and their performance is integral to the success of these departments to ensure that supply issues are avoided and everything sails smoothly into production.

Meet Your Due Dates

Your production process can be simple or complex, time consuming or quick, but one thing remains constant – the drive to meet your customer’s delivery date. Even the simplest production plan is at the mercy of proper planning and scheduling. In order to meet the promised deadline, your production team needs access to material, labor, and work center information to understand what resources need to be available. Likewise, your Scheduling department also needs the tools to balance your material, labor, and equipment investment. With this information, your production staff can be confident that the customer’s delivery schedule can be met.

From Prospecting to Invoicing

The sales department is the front line in every business. To provide proper service, your customer service and sales teams must be capable of addressing a variety of issues quickly and efficiently. Your customers expect you to know who they are, the status of their orders, be able to prepare quotes quickly and accurately, process shipments according to delivery schedules, and react quickly to nonconforming items. Your future business depends on the service your customers receive today.

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