Invalid Database Specification – Accpac Error – What do I do now?


This is an error which ‘normally’ occurs after a new Accpac installation on a workstation – although it isn’t isolated to this event.  There are several causes of this problem – and here are a few items to check:

1) The most common culprit – ODBC connection.  If you have recently upgraded from Pervasive to MS Sql, ensure that your Pervasive ODBC connection has been removed and that your MS SQL Native Client connection is valid. 

2) If you are running Accpac on Vista or Windows 7 – make sure that you are running accpac as an administrator.  Right click on the accpac shortcut and select ‘run as administrator’, or make your accpac shortcut run as an administrator all the time, by editing the advanced properties of the shortcut.

3) Logon to your workstation as the administrator and run the regacc utility. 

4) Ensure the user has adequate rights to the database folder. This is different than the shared data folder – it is the actual location of the mdf files (sql database files).

5) Check the event viewer for an indication of the source of problem. For example, we have seen where the error message stated the database is inaccessible because another task has locked it. 

This list will give you a starting place when you troubleshoot this error.  If these suggestions don’t resolve your problem or if you want assistance with this issue – give Plus Computer Solutions a call – 604-420-1099.

Article author: Bonnie Wittmeier - technical support rep for Plus Computer Solutions

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