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There are two camps when it comes to spreadsheets, those who love them and those who just want to do away with them. For the August edition of The BAASS Times, we have some advice for you no matter where you stand on the spreadsheet debate. This month we are sharing ways you can either automate and upgrade your spreadsheets to be more effective or how you can start to replace them with technology.

Farewell Spreadsheets

Farewell Spreadsheets

You may have a spreadsheet open right now on your computer, but what you may not realize is spreadsheets may not be the best way to enter and view your data. Learn 5 reasons you may want to say goodbye to spreadsheets.

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Replace or Integrate?

Join Jennifer Holman on Wednesday, Aug 26 at 2 PM EST as she dives into the discussion of Microsoft Excel and how opting to replace or integrate spreadsheets will assist your organization in making better and more informed business decisions. 

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Integrated and Automated
Product Spotlight

Want To Make Faster Decisions?

Companies that use BI tools are 5x more likely to make faster decisions.  With the amount of data that needs to be processed spreadsheets are just not cutting it.  Learn how Sage Enterprise Intelligence (SEI) can help you make faster and better-informed decisions.

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Pivoting With The Cloud

Tina Davies made a pivotal decision for every application to be cloud-based and automated to ensure accuracy and accessibility; this decision has allowed them to simply transition to a remote workplace during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Pivoting With The Cloud

We have a variety of on-demand webinars available to you spanning remote business tips, product spotlights, add-ons to expand your ERP solution, Cloud tools, ways CRM can amplify your business and much more.

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Visit our Development Marketplace to explore our custom-built tools that have been developed to significantly improve the gaps often found in business systems and technology.

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After working across various industries and understanding the unique challenges of our customers, we have created and packaged over 200 tools to help businesses of all sizes maximize their systems.

Explore our Marketplace by category to see how you can save time, resources and improve your business technology today!

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Looking for more tips and solutions about transitioning your business?

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