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The ability to make informed decisions about your business does not stop with your revenue.  It is important to have a eye on your workforce. The need for information about demand, costs, productivity, and other areas is more urgent than ever and also shines a spotlight on the need for collaboration and information-sharing to break down siloes. One of the most critical areas to do so is in the unification of HR and finance in back-office software.

Having a unified HR and finance team allows for a variety of opportunities for understanding between the two departments. Finance can help HR understand the true cost of labour, while HR can help finance understand the value of team members beyond their hard costs.

We have created a tool to make this unification easier from a software standpoint, we have developed a connector between two poplar systems - Criterion HCM and Microsoft Dynamics 365.   This tool creates a bi-directional flow of employee data from Criterion into Microsoft Dynamics 365.  It will take payroll journal entries and time sheets from Criterion and pass it in to Microsoft Dynamics 365.


Reduce Data Entry Errors  Increase Efficiency Integrate


How does this tool work?

This tool creates a mapping of employee data, timecards and payroll journal entries between Criterion and D365.  The Bridge can be setup with a scheduled based on your unique requirements and can run without any additional user input.  You can also use the on-demand feature if you need to sync data outside of the schedule. Regardless the syncing style set the tool will pull the data and run it through a validation process prior to updating.  If there are no errors the process will complete and will create an audit report. We understand this is data is private; the data is in a secure connection that has been encrypted.

Looking to solve tracking issues with Criterion HCM?

BAASS Bridge - Microsoft Dynamics 365 & Criterion keeps track of any new and updated employee information, plus creates appropriate transformation for the Payroll systems. This tool will help reduce data re-entry errors and increase efficiency.

BAASS Bridge - Criterion and D365
Software Requirements
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 or Microsoft Business Central
  • Criterion HCM


  • Audit Trail
  • Data Mapping
  • Scheduling Options
  • Secure and User Access Encrypted


  • Avoiding Duplicate Entry
  • Saving Time
  • Reducing Errors
  • Consistent Data between two systems
  • Data Up-to-Date

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