Tired of using hard drives to store your information?  Look no further as Cloud solutions have become an increasingly demanded service which allows users to store data and programs on the internet.  This service has steadily increased due to numerous benefits and the ability to have high sense of security for your information.

Some of the benefits of cloud adoption:

  • No need to back up data
  • No hardware and maintenance needed
  • Security and Permissions to receive access

Cloud adoption is popular due to the fact that it is based on consumption allowing organizations to run operations in a more cost effective manner.

Some of the biggest pull factors for organizations to use the cloud:

  •  Ability to increase and decrease how much they need based on current demand
  • Opportunity to select the services that they would need when they need them

Below are some of the connections to the Cloud our BAASS team can assist you with.


From ERP to CRM and even our personal cloud solution, BAASS has a variety of options that will allow your organization to successfully migrate to the cloud.  To learn more information about cloud solutions please email advisors@baass.com.


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