Software Solutions For Retail

More than just point of sale systems, retail accounting software provides a complete suite of tools designed to make your retail operation more efficient, profitable, and easier to manage. Increasing margins, better inventory control, and tracking staff performance are a few of many tasks that your company will successfully be able to execute when using the right system.


Challenges Retail Accounting Software can help you Overcome
  • Modules offering functionality for both the sales floor and back office
  • All inclusive platform for accounts payable, general ledger, and payroll
  • Sophisticated financial reporting and higher customer retention
  • Inventory control, purchasing, and point-of-sale modules provide additional functionality designed to manage the acquisition, tracking, and sales of the products you offer to your customers

Learn how BAASS helped MegaHair Family Group save time and money

Learn how BAASS helped MegaHair Family Group save time and money.


Providing you with More

It’s important for retailers to be providing more than one way to receive customer payments in order to stay competitive within the industry. Retail accounting software allows you to identify top selling items, current buying trends, and in turn make more informed decisions regarding customer demand. Reports identifying items sold by locations and personnel, can allow you to determine which areas of your business are successful and which areas may need improvements.

From the evolution of simple cash registers and receipts to more advanced self-checkouts and detailed invoice statements, the need to have the most up to date retail accounting software is becoming essential. With customers expecting a higher level of retailer flexibility, and retailers expecting a higher level of customer purchasing information, the relationship can simply be created through an advanced retail accounting software.

With increased capabilities in integrated retail accounting software systems, there is a need to make sure that the software is still easy to use. Set up wizards, help screens, and simplified touch-screen interfaces are typical approaches to making sure that increased functionality doesn't lose its impact by becoming overwhelming.

Ultimately, a complete retail accounting software allows you to:

  • Create a customer-centric approach
  • Gain a competitive advantage within the industry
  • Understand and react to consumer buying behaviours
  • Variety in how transactions can be processed

    Learn how Midwest Wine & Spirits Inc. leverages customization & automation
Learn how Midwest Wine & Spirits Inc. leverages customization & automation.


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