Sage 300 For Seafood and Food Industries

Our end-to-end solution consists of core operational and financial modules of Sage 300, Sage CRM and web interfaces.  Those interfaces allow capture of timely and accurate information at dock side, the production plant, the warehouse, then the sales to customers.  It handles industry specific requirements like catch certificates, vessel or broker settlements, fishermen payroll and pallet/bin management.  

Sage 300 For Seafood and Food Industries


Success factors – Why our solution works?

We credit the success of our solution to our experience in the industry and the fact that we built web interfaces that encompasses the following 3 factors:

Simplify: data capture screens must be extremely simple to get user acceptance.  We take the time to keep only required fields and adapt it to your processes or species.

Validate: we add validation to certain fields as the data is captured to ensure the integrity of the data.  This prevents incomplete or inconsistent data to flow through your system.

Integrate: our solution is fully integrated.  All web screens are communicating directly to the Sage 300 database, eliminating the redundancy in data capture and ensuring your information is live at all time.

Fishery Specific Challenges We Help Overcome


Industry Specific Challenges We Help Overcome


  • Fishermen payroll
  • Fishermen settlement processing
  • Time & Attendance tracking
  • Management of fishing schedule
  • Simple to use dockside receiving interfaces by species
  • Simple to use production interfaces (single or multiple SKUs / lot numbers by pallet)
  • Repack interface
  • Pallet management
  • Quick order builder (to streamline order processing)
  • Multicurrency
  • Lot tracking from vessel / vendor to customers
  • Catch certificates
  • Quality capture & reporting
  • Fishermen settlement report
  • Catch certificates
  • Sellable inventory from your warehouse or 3rd party warehouse (by bin / pallet)
  • Sales History reporting by Division / Region / Zone / Year / Month / Species / Pack Size / etc
  • Recall report
  • Production yield report
  • Hail out reports
For more information on Fishermen's Payroll and Management Solutions, contact a BAASS account manager at 1-888-650-5544 or here.