1. Starting Out

Looking to solve the following business challenges?

  • Business processes are not automated
  • Poor service delivery
  • Quantifying intangible information
  • Difficulty tracking projects and resources
  • Errors within administrative work


2. What Are My Options?

BAASS understands the importance of professional services automation (PSA) software and works with partner Sage Intacct to give you the best in the market.  Learn more about these options below:

    Sage Intacct can help by automating certain business processes, so you can stop worrying about merely keeping up with growth.  The core financials of this software reduce your reliance on spreadsheets and give you greater visibility into your real time business performance.  Sage Intacct software is built for finance, growth, the cloud and success.  Learn more about Intacct and what it can do for you.
    The Resource Manager tool by Norming allows users to track a variety of areas in their business. Some of these include expenses, time and item usage and user-defined requisitions.  In addition users are able to schedule project tasks and have access to a web and mobile based employee portal.  See if Norming works for your organization.

    Professional Services Automation systems deliver several key advantages for service enterprises.  Users will experience an increase in resource utilization, consistency when delivering projects and in overall team performance.  They will see improvement in the ability to anticipate project profitability and manage cash flow more effectively.

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3. How to Make the Right Choice

If professional services automation is what your organization requires, rest assured our team will help guide you through the entire process.  Our consultants have extensive experience working with project based businesses and we have found solutions to match a variety of unique requirements.  

Let us help determine what the best solution is for your organization and utilize our experience to ensure a smooth implementation process.

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