Software Solutions For Healthcare

Many healthcare organizations are growing rapidly, against a backdrop of exceptional regulatory changes. As your organization tries to achieve scale, it can be challenging to monitor performance and keep financial processes running smoothly—especially across multiple locations. BAASS can help enable you to achieve greater efficiency through automation, plus provide the visibility you need to make operational improvements.


Industry Overview

Over 1.7 billion people are employed within the healthcare sector, accounting for 11.2% of all Canadian employment. Canadian healthcare contributes to being the 2nd largest sector of employment after Trade. This sector is expected to reach $228 billion in expenditure, and forecasted to continue growing.

Challenges We Can Help Healthcare Organization Overcome


Challenges We Can Help Your Organization Overcome

The various challenges healthcare enterprises face are increasing regulations, rising costs, reduced reimbursements as well as increasing data security issues. The industry is transitioning to increased accountable care and value-based services to allow for better patient outcomes. At BAASS, we can support implementation of scalable, compliant and easy to use software for your organization.

Our consultants have helped many leading healthcare organizations throughout the country to implement solutions that improve quality, operational efficiencies and reduce costs. All while complying with industry-specific regulatory requirements. Our experts will help to identify business value and keep your organization at the forefront of the healthcare industry.


We provide the best practices in business solutions, consulting and identifying areas of improvement with our business knowledge expertise. For more information on software solutions, contact a BAASS account manager at 1-888-650-5544 or contact us for a free discovery call.