Software Solutions For Software Firms

In software and SaaS businesses, rapid growth brings pressures to the finance team: more accounting complexity, less time to adapt to changes, and additional reporting requirements. We can lessen your load by automating even the most complex financial processes.


BAASS understands the different challenges companies face and can help at all the various stages of growth from startup to IPO. Companies developing software will often have to overcome rapid growth, changing revenue recognition FASB standards, scores of spreadsheets, non-integrated internal systems, and an ever-increasing demand for more detailed, timely reports.

Software Solutions For Software Firms

Our business solutions have helped software and SaaS companies increase efficiencies as well as gaining better insights of their continuing growth.  We can help address significant barriers to productivity, cost-effectiveness and customer retention, with the key factor being a lack of automation. Such problems limit insight into financial health, Excel-based revenue management, project budgeting, accounting and forecasting.

BAASS is your source of support to mitigate business challenges, engineer an ideal solution to fit the company needs, and quantify your ROI.


We provide the best practices in business solutions, consulting and identifying areas of improvement with our business knowledge expertise. For more information on software solutions, contact a BAASS account manager at 1-888-650-5544 or click here for direct communication.