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  • SaaS is great for reducing upfront costs and implementing quickly, but has restrictions like being locked into long contracts, not owning your valuable data, and paying excessive costs for extra storage.

    Now, with Sage CRM Professional solution, you get the security and control of on-premise with the rapid start-up and flexibility of SaaS. It's the best of both worlds.

    CRM in the Cloud is the most comprehensive and popular edition of Sage CRM (CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management). CRM in the Cloud supports your current needs, while adapting to future demands.  This solution works best for companies who do not like spending time or money maintaining software/hardware, or worrying about new updates and installations.

    Sage CRM Professional offers:

    >  Full-featured CRM solution with online access to data..
    >  Ownership and control of your data in a secure environment.
    >  Simplified software management with control of upgrades.
    >  A variety of payment, subscription, and license options.
    >  Greater data storage per user per month than other on-demand CRM vendors.
    >  A flexible, standards-based technology platform that enables integration and customization to address your unique business requirements.
    >  Training, support, monitoring, and maintenance included for a worry-free experience.

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  • A good customer relationship management (CRM) solution will give you quick, easy access to centralized customer and prospect information.

    Sage CRM is a full-featured, web-based CRM solution that is easy to use and quick to deploy. Thousands of customers use Sage CRM to help their sales, marketing and customer service teams build more profitable relationships every day.

    >  Teams can easily personalize their workspace and quickly navigate their way around the system
    >  Be up and running in a matter of days or go on-demand to get started immediately.
    >  Integration with Sage products delivers end-to-end business integration out-of-the-box, giving sales, marketing, customer services a 360 degree view of customers across front-and back-office functions.

    Sage CRM grows with your business, helping your business succeed now - and in the future!

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  • CRM Builder empowers users to adapt their CRM to meet their individual needs.

    With Sage CRM Builder, you can can adapt Sage CRM (which stands for Customer Relationship Management) to suit your unique business needs. Sage CRM Builder is a powerful, accessible and affordable tool for business people, and it's changing the way customers use Sage CRM.

    By including a drag and drop interface for Sage CRM Builder, it has become our most intuitive tool to date. You and your team can create custom business modules and upload your important business data to Sage CRM. But most importantly CRM builder helps you manage your customer relationships as it helps adapt and extend your Sage CRM.

    CRM Builder is:
    >  Intuitive
    >  Accessible
    >  Powerful
    >  Adaptable
    >  Affordable.

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  • Learn how to unleash the power of e-mail marketing today!

    In recent times, businesses have had to become smarter in their marketing activities to ensure they stay competitive. They face the dual challenge of ensuring that they are effectively communicating with existing customers and prospects, while keeping costs to a minimum.

    Sage CRM uses MailChimp to send e-mails to customers and prospects. E-mail marketing within Sage CRM (which stands for Customer Relationship Management) gives users the opportunity to gain new customers and get closer to existing customers without ever having to leave Sage CRM.

    What can e-marketing with Sage CRM do for you?

    >  Campaign lists are built faster.
    >  Customers will receive e-mails at the right time.
    >  Analytic reports help your marketing team track and improve your campaigns.

    With minimal resources, small and medium sized companies can send personal, relevant emails to members of their mailing lists. Email is a powerful marketing tool because it is budget friendly, more personal than a website page, or social media campaign, and it is immediate.

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  • Equipping your sales team with the necessary tools to enable them to do their job effectively is crucial in today’s competitive market. Having access to critical customer information when salespeople are on the road or at customer sites can help drive revenue and keep customers satisfied. Sage CRM’s mobile solution delivers a rich user experience and provides sales teams with the ability to work effectively regardless of their location.

    Benefits of Mobile CRM:

    >  Increased productivity out of the office
    >  The ability to access CRM from your mobile device allows for better meeting and customer service preparation
    >  Gives you up to date info on customers, opportunities, appointments, etc.

    * Apps are available for Apple, Android and Windows 8 devices

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  • Social Media helps you to engage and interact with your customers

    Sage CRM (which stands for Customer Relationship Management) integrates with key social media applications to enable users to engage with prospects and customers in a collaborative manner in order to generate leads, foster loyalty, build customer retention and increase revenue.

    Benefits of a Social CRM:

    >  Discover endless networking opportunities through Sage CRM’s out-of-the-box integration with LinkedIn.
    >  Sage CRM for Twitter enables users to reply to and save tweets directly from within Sage CRM.
    >  The Sage CRM Interactive Dashboard enables users to subscribe to RSS feeds and display websites of interest for ease of access.:

    The emergence of social media channels such as Twitter and LinkedIn have changed the way that companies interact and engage with prospects, customers, media, and industry, as well as how they control what is said about the companies and how they are perceived by those groups. Social media is not a one-way communications medium that fits around other activities; it is an integral part of how companies should listen, engage, and respond to prospects and customers.

    CRM is well established as a technology and strategy that enables organizations to better manage the many interactions it has with both existing and prospective customers. Integrating social media activity with CRM can further harness the power of communication with your customers and prospects, creating a meaningful community and building strong mutually rewarding relationships. For example CRM's integration with facebook allows employees to view company and profile information from the Company and Person summary tabs of CRM. This allows employees to gain better insight in regards to their customers.

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