service-icon1.  Starting Out

Looking to solve the following business challenges?

  • Ordering too much or too little to meet your customer’s demands
  • Shipping errors are driving costs up and customer satisfaction down
  • Labour costs increase when items are not in the right location
  • Physical inventory counts take too long  



What is WMS?


Check out this whitepaper 6 Ways WMS Increases Accuracy


Quick video: Case Study - Reprico


2. What Are My Options?

A Warehouse Management System can significantly reduce the cost of transactions through increased efficiency, accuracy and productivity gains.

Additional benefits that have a positive impact on your company’s operational results include:

  • Automated data collection system can increase accuracy to 99.9%
  • Automated data collection allows staff to do more productive things with their time in addition to needing less staff overall in your organization
  • Data entry and picking and packing are made easier by directing the pick on an economical route through the warehouse and packing is more accurate with scanning
  • Reduce shipping errors and improve services with Advanced Ship Notices (ASN) and EDI compliant labels can be automatically created and sent. Specific customer needs can be noted and fulfilled by the system
  • Inventory management is made much easier with digital tracking of products exact locations of products are known, as well as the number of products


Whitepaper_Icon-299908-edited.jpg Check out our whitepaper, Warehouse Management System
Quick video: Success Story


service-icon3. How to Make the Right Choice

If you've decided WMS is right for you, we will work closely with you to design a roadmap that prioritizes your WMS needs. Our role is to guide your organization through every step of your warehouse technology acquisition and implementation. We will also be happy to recommend ways to optimize the design of your warehouse. In today’s global marketplace, warehouse efficiency, excellent customer service and inventory accuracy can give your team a competitive edge.

Talk to us about your warehouse technology options, and about our collective experience in helping businesses like yours implement it successfully.

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