Solution:  Criterion HCM  |  MODULE:  Payroll   |  INDUSTRY:  ALL

This tool connects to Criterion Human Resource Management System and pulls data via API and sends the data to Payroll systems such as ADP, Ceridian, Sage 300 Payroll etc.

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How does this tool work?

The tool works in both on-demand and scheduled modes.

On-Demand process can be executed by a user at a given time by clicking an icon within your Payroll system that executes the function of the bridge

Scheduled mode is based on a pre-set schedule (hourly, daily, weekly etc.) that transfers data from Criterion HCM to your Payroll System

Looking to solve tracking issues with Criterion HCM?

BAASS Bridge - Criterion HCM keeps track of any new and updated employee information, plus creates appropriate transformation for the Payroll systems. This tool will help reduce data re-entry errors and increase efficiency.

Software Requirements
  • Sage 300 Payroll
  • Criterion HCM
  • Supported Payroll Systems (ADP, Ceridian)


  • This bridge keeps track of any new and updated employee information, job, compensation, hire history, termination history, etc. and creates appropriate transformation for the Payroll systems. In doing so, this generates the data accordingly for payroll to be calculated accurately.


  • The ability to update employee data within the payroll systems in a single process.
  • The payroll team would reduce duplicate data entry and other redundant tasks.

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