Learn about Sage 300 Payroll and EFT

Sage 300cloud provides a comprehensive and flexible payroll solution that allows small and midsized organizations to manage payroll processing in-house cost-effectively.

Sage 300cloud Payroll provides these robust Sage payroll functionalities out of the box:

  • Calculations of earnings, deductions, benefits, accruals and Federal/Provincial taxes and levies
  • Retain years of payroll history analysis
  • Government reporting, generation and filing of T4, T4A’s and ROE
  • Pay employees using EFT, direct deposit
  • Ability to export and import data (supports PDF, Excel, CSV, XML, ODBC)

For a complete breakdown on this topic please watch the video below.


About this session:

This session is geared for customers looking for a robust payroll solution AND existing Sage 300 Payroll users. Determine the best EFT option for your organization.


Session Recap:

Payroll is different for every business; your journey may be straight forward or full of twists and turns. Whichever journey best describes your business BAASS will help guide you to that straight road by having strong payroll processes & procedures, and the right payroll solution to accomplish them. 

Now, that doesn't mean that from time to time you're not going to get a situation that was unexpected and that you have to handle, however, for the most part, payroll should be straightforward. Payroll Automation, Add-Ons, and Tools will help to simplify and streamline your Payroll Process making this possible.

Payroll Process Simplified:

  1. Employee Maintenance
  2. Timecards
  3. Calculate Payroll
  4. Pre-Cheque Register
  5. Email Pay Statements/Print Cheques
  6. Create Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) and Upload to Bank
  7. Print/Review Payroll Documents

Sage 300 ERP Canadian Payroll

  • Process payroll and report on your payroll data with today’s most comprehensive, customizable payroll software for small and mid-sized businesses
  • Easy to use for new or experienced payroll practitioners
  • Data entry tools, shortcuts, and guidelines help users navigate and understand the system
  • eFilling T4, T4a, and RL1
  • Web ROE


Determining the Best EFT for your Organization

Sage EFT for Payroll 

  • An add-on to the payroll module
  • EFT information is kept within Employee Profile
  • Payroll register and cheque inquiry identifies EFT payments
  • Generate EFT and print-related reports within Canadian Payroll

Orchid EFT for Payroll

  • A separate module 
  • EFT information is maintained separately from the Employee Profile
  • Securely email payroll advice, Relevé 1s and T4s
  • Advices are saved in a designated directory

The LIVE demonstration starts at timestamp 10:20 in the video above.

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Anna McNally

Anna is an experienced Payroll Certified Practitioner and is a volunteer with the Canadian Payroll Association as a Subject Matter Expert.  She is a Sage certified consultant with fifteen years' industry experience. She has implemented over 100 ERP systems. Before consulting and project management, Anna held accounting positions across various industries and brought this experience to her understanding of customer requirements. Anna is certified in Sage 300 ERP and Sage HRMS and an expert in Long-Term Care Home customizations.
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