Solution:  Sage CRM  |  MODULE:  CRM  |  INDUSTRY:  Not-for-Profit, Education

BAASS has developed a customization that is suitable for Education and Non-For-Profit organizations to assist with tracking membership details. This includes profile management, enrollment, fees, funding and renewals. The CRM system supports and organizes programs with allocated government funding.

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Previously it would take days on membership renewals and claims to process. Now, this has been reduced to minutes with customized programming that looks at our data and calculates who should receive an invoice for membership renewal or who is eligible for funding for a claim they submitted.

- New Brunswick Medical Society

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Software Requirements
  • Supported version of Sage CRM


  • Ensuring allocations from different sources for members with integration to the financial system
  • Access to member portal to manage profile, enrollment, payments, programs, documentation and agreements
  • Review credits earned and carried over


  • Track different member programs and manage continuing education credits
  • Track agreements and fees with the government on behalf of physicians

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With over 20 years of experience, Zainab has a wealth of knowledge in all areas of business technology. At BAASS, she is the CRM Practice Leader, working with clients and prospects to understand their unique business process. She is the architect and manages the implementation of small to large solutions in the CRM space. Zainab is a Sage CRM Certified Engineer and Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) with a Master's Degree in Statistics.