The New Brunswick Medical Society is the professional association for doctors in the province of New Brunswick. They are a membership based organization, which administer a number of member programs within their offices for the doctors of New Brunswick as well as have an annual membership renewal campaign.

Problem They Were Facing:
Prior to the customization, when member inquiries regarding membership and programs had to funnel through one or two people. These employees were the only ones in the office who had the knowledge of where the information was stored (whether it was in one of 6 databases or in a paper filing cabinet), then once the information was gathered, these same employees knew the various calculations that needed to be performed on the information in order to answer the member’s inquiries.

NB Medical
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Time For a Change
Continued growth and feedback from across the company,
made it clear that Flags Unlimited needed a new CRM
solution. The previous system in place was dated, slow and
the integration with other systems was a painful process.
“We were running an old Accpac system so we needed to
upgrade. We decided to condense all our systems, so we
spoke to BAASS (the Partner) about upgrading and they
called out Sage as a potential fit” explains James McKinnon,
IT & Operations Specialist.

“We needed something that was web-based using a
technology that we could grow into” and also a solution that
would easily integrate with current systems. A focus internally was creating a solution that allowed the sales
team to manage the customer from beginning to end, all via
a web based interface. Some other drivers in the decision
for investing in a new solution included the elimination of
duplicate data entry and the ability to function more
intelligently, efficiently, while improving quality of data and

Flags Unlimited
Other benefits that Flags Unlimited have experienced using Sage are:

  • Improvements in time efficiencies and quality of data
  • Reduction in points of data entry
  • Improved communication across departments
  • Opportunities to further streamline policies and procedures
  • Fully integrated custom design Marketing Email Campaign solution
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Zainab Salihi

Zainab S.

Zainab leads the CRM Practice at BAASS and brings a wealth of experience in both the strategic and tactical implementations of CRM. Her extensive background includes consulting, design, and project management. Zainab is a Sage CRM Certified Engineer and Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) with a Master's Degree in Statistics.
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