Industry Focus

No matter what industry you’re in or business model you follow, your organization is unique. Don't settle for a “one-size-fits-all” financial application. Sage Intacct is a highly flexible, powerful financial management solution that adapts to your workflows and reporting requirements. And it connects easily with other best-in-class, industry-specific solutions to give you a truly tailored solution. Financial professionals from a wide variety of industries trust Sage Intacct to give them the time and insight they need to help their organizations grow (click selection to expand):

  • Maximize the profitability of your client accounting practice by reducing time-consuming manual work, and sharing strategic insights with your clients in real time. Find out how Sage Intacct can help you focus on what matters—your clients.

    Successful accounting firms must provide high-value strategic support to multiple offsite clients, plus run a tight ship in house. One key to maximizing the profitability of your client accounting practices is reducing time-consuming manual efforts. Another is ditching high-maintenance technology in favor of a modern, cloud-based financial management solution, like Intacct. Find out why Intacct is acknowledged as the preferred provider of financial applications by the AICPA.

    >  High-value insights for your clients. Help your clients make business decisions. Intacct reports and dashboards include both operational and financial metrics, and can be segmented by project, product, location, or any business driver your clients need.
    >  Better accounting services, greater firm productivity. Offer your clients complex accounting services without being constrained by technology or hiring more staff. Intacct accounting software for CPA firms provides best-in-class accounting capabilities.
    >  Focus on your clients, not your technology. Born in the cloud, Intacct has always been a true SaaS, multi-tenant solution. Save on IT costs with no hardware to install and zero-impact upgrades. Protect your data with enterprise-grade security and backup and disaster recovery.  And work anywhere, anytime, with any client.

  • Manage the finances of your entire franchise business, while at the same time making it easy for each franchise or entity to function as an autonomous unit.

    With Intacct franchise management software, you can view financial performance for each franchise location, and then easily roll up to a consolidated view. Staff at each location can perform specific financial processes based on roles and permissions. And everyone can be on the same page with easy integration and anywhere, anytime access to real-time information.

    >  See your business information, your way. Intacct is the franchise management software solution that gives you a full view of your entire business, as well as your individual franchises or locations. Easily analyze and evaluate operational and financial information.
    >  Efficiently manage complex financial structures. Intacct supports virtually any business structure—including fractional ownership and other complex operational structures. Let each location or franchise entity use its own chart of accounts, taxation rules, and financial reporting requirements.
    >  Increase productivity with a cloud solution. Leverage the power of the cloud with easy integration and anywhere, anytime access. Intacct offers fast, easy connection to leading point-of-sale and front-office systems, as well as franchise and asset management, payroll, and payment applications.

  • As your healthcare organization strives to achieve scale, Sage Intacct can help you monitor performance and keep financial processes running smoothly—especially across multiple locations.

    Many health care organizations are growing rapidly, against a backdrop of exceptional regulatory changes. Intacct enables you to automate for greater efficiency, plus provides the visibility you need to make operational improvements.

    >  Automating your financials. With Intacct, you can automate key finance and accounting processes, including procure-to-pay and the monthly close. Multi-location organizations can centralize payables and eliminate manual processes for payments and intercompany accounting.
    >  Speed and agility for your organization. Help your whole team keep up the pace. With the ability to create consolidated financial statements or summary rollup reports at any time, not just month-end, you can quickly adjust strategies and operations to respond to performance trends.
    >  See your operations clearly. Get the visibility you need to make better decisions and improve operational and financial performance. Intacct healthcare financial management allows you to track your financials as well as operational metrics and ratios, like available capacity and revenue per treatment.
    >  Integrate with MDI Achieve. Intacct connects seamlessly with MatrixCare by MDI Achieve, adding accounts payable and general ledger functionality to the leading web-based EHR solution for long-term care and senior living organizations. Find out how you can benefit from the partnership between Intacct and MDI Achieve.

  • Let Sage Intacct help you focus on your guests. Automate your financial processes, gain more insight into your hospitality business, and make decisions that will boost profitability.

    Intacct customers in the hospitality industry operate multiple-property hotel businesses, restaurant chains, entertainment businesses, and more. With Intacct, you can automate your hotel accounting and financial management, gain greater visibility into your hospitality business, and make decisions that will boost profitability. Meet the challenges of a dynamic, changing market with a hotel-accounting solution that can make financial management easier, so you can focus on customer satisfaction.

    >  Enhance control and boost efficiency. Enable your staff to enter and view information for specific properties and locations, without giving them access to the financials of other locations or the entire business. Support multiple operating or ownership structures—including franchise operations, fractional ownership, global business units, and other complex holding structures.
    >  Analyze performance, then improve it. Track real-time performance centrally and across all of your locations. View your information by individual location, by groups of locations, by concept, by region—or by any other dimensions you use to measure performance.
    >  Experience the cloud advantage. Intacct hotel and hospitality accounting software offers easy, cloud-based integration with leading applications for payroll, attendance payments, and more—so you can streamline data entry throughout your hospitality business.

  • Financial professionals in nonprofit organizations face unique challenges like program and project management, fund balancing, and complex reporting needs. Sage Intacct can help you tackle these issues with greater efficiency and managerial visibility—and less reliance on error-prone spreadsheets.

    When it comes to financial management, nonprofit accounting presents unique challenges that can’t be addressed with outdated spreadsheets and manual processes. Intacct gives you greater efficiency and managerial visibility so you can drive down costs while fully pursuing your organization’s mission.

    >  A clear picture. You can’t manage what you can’t see. That’s why Intacct nonprofit accounting software provides a complete view of the consolidated numbers, summaries, and details you need to optimally manage your organization. With real-time visibility, you can proactively manage key initiatives, take action, and improve outcomes across funding sources, locations, grants, programs, and other dimensions.
    >  Improved productivity. What makes Intacct the best nonprofit accounting software? With automated workflows that support multiple entities, locations, and currencies, Intacct makes your core financial operations faster and more efficient. Cut the time to manage fund accounting by as much as 90 percent and improve finance productivity by 25 percent or more.
    >  A true cloud solution. Designed from the start as a true multi-tenant, cloud accounting solution, Intacct provides immediate deployment and scalable flexibility. You can define and configure Intacct to best support your organization—and easily integrate with CRM, payroll, and membership applications. Plus you can access your system from any device, anywhere, at any time.
    >  Efficient grant management. Grant management is a breeze with Intacct’s Project Accounting module.  Whether you are renewing grants, managing reporting or invoicing funders, Intacct gives you real time visibility, tracking and reporting—right at your fingertips.

  • Service organizations often manage a large amount of diverse financial tasks, plus have to constantly adapt to the needs of customers and the market. With all of this volume, variety, and change, it’s a relief to have Sage Intacct in your court.

    What’s it like to manage financials for an organization that sells services instead of goods? Complicated. You might need to analyze profitability for multiple entities. You might have contractors all over the world, or customers all over the web. And you may have a small team handling a large amount of diverse tasks. Meanwhile, you must constantly adapt to the needs of your customers and your market.

    >  Insights, delivered. Many service businesses want to see profit and loss by service type, manager, location, and other dimensions that are unique to their situations. With Intacct’s dimensional general ledger and flexible reporting, you can see your business metrics in any way you want.
    >  Tailored automation. There’s no need to bend your company processes to suit your financial software. Intacct professional services accounting software can be easily tailored to automate your unique workflows, without requiring expensive customization. It offers pre-integration with Salesforce CRM, so you can streamline the journey from quote to cash and avoid data re-entry.
    >  Change enablement. You may not know where your service organization is going to be two years from now. You may want to add new markets, expand service types, or set new profitability goals.

  • In software and SaaS businesses, rapid growth brings certain pressures to your finance team: more accounting complexity, less time to adjust to changes, and additional reporting requirements. Sage Intacct automates even the most complex financial processes, adapts to your business, and delivers endlessly flexible reporting.

    Intacct lessens your load by automating even the most complex financial processes. It adapts to your unique business needs, even as those needs change. And it produces the rock-solid financials required as you go through rounds of funding and an IPO. But most importantly, it’s the only cloud accounting solution that lets you see your whole business.

    >  Deepest Salesforce CRM integration. Streamline your quote-to-cash process by connecting sales with finance. No financial management solution offers deeper Salesforce CRM integration than Intacct, with a cloud-based connection pre-built on the Salesforce platform.
    >  Painless revenue recognition. It’s hard to comply with complex, evolving revenue recognition requirements, and manual calculations can lead to errors, delayed closes, and financial restatements. Intacct SaaS accounting system has a proven record of automating revenue accounting for software companies, so you can rely on our expertise and solution to achieve compliance in the most efficient way possible.
    >  Simpler subscription management. Intacct automates your subscription billings, renewals, and revenue accounting so you can eliminate invoicing missteps and stay in compliance with customer contracts and revenue recognition guidelines.
    >  Insight at the moment of decision. Your company needs to meet the intense pre-IPO reporting needs of investors and the SEC, followed by the post-IPO forecasting demands of the market. Meanwhile, you have your own internal reporting needs, and don’t have time to wrangle with spreadsheets or wait for the team to close the books to see how your business is doing. Intacct’s reports and dashboards give you the fullest, fastest, most flexible view of your business.

  • Whether you are focused on optimizing inventory, streamlining purchasing, or managing multiple locations, Sage Intacct can help. Find out how Sage Intacct automates complex processes, adapts to your unique requirements, and gives you full visibility into the performance of your distribution business.

    In wholesale distribution, financial leaders must keep a constant eye on operational performance:

    >  Enjoy a bird’s-eye view. Only Intacct combines business and operational data into a full, real-time view of your business—then lets you slice and dice that view by the performance drivers that are relevant to your business. See metrics across warehouse locations, product lines, and inventory status.
    >  Be a smooth operator. Intacct automates your accounting processes and adapts to your wholesale distribution business needs, now and in the future. Streamline your processes for managing approvals, generating stock orders, tracing inventory, and more.  Share information across your business, while efficiently managing multiple locations, multiple warehouses, multiple currencies, and international operations.
    >  Make the right connections. Intacct integrates easily with applications you’re using now or may be considering in the future, so you can extend your investment while streamlining the flow of information across your business.