Bridging the Gap with Concur Bridge



Toronto, ON -- At BAASS Business Solutions, we have learnt about the growing use of companies using Concur to manage their expenses. The BAASS development team wanted to create a seamless integration between Sage 300 and Concur. With this idea in mind, the team created Concur Bridge with the ability to assimilate Concur Expenses into Sage 300.

Some features of Concur include:

  • The ability for employees to track expenses in a single system, rather than through excel spreadsheets
  • Ability of paper receipts to be photographed and uploaded directly into Concur
  • Allowing tax regulations in a client’s state/province to be built-in to avoid manual calculations.

To improve user experience by bridging the gap between Concur and Sage 300, the development team at BAASS Business Solutions created the BAASS Bridge. The BAASS Bridge moves information from Concur to Sage quickly, automatically, and without hassle.

To create a flawless integration, developers at BAASS added functionality to ensure that any import from Concur into Sage undergoes a validation check – if an entity in the import has not been defined in Sage, the import will stop; protecting the user from an error-prone import. Furthermore, the Concur Bridge prevents duplications on any invoices being imported into Sage and has field mapping capabilities for information from Concur to Sage. With these features, clients who choose the Concur Bridge for integration between their Sage 300 system and Concur will find a marked decrease in expense errors, leading to less time spent approving expenses.  

"Clients need to focus on their business and eliminate duplicate data entry from one system to another.  Our clients are now able to electronically transfer data from Concur into Sage within no time and process employee expense payments on timely basis."

  • Bharti Meisuria, BAASS Development Practice Leader

The official release of the Concur Bridge could not come any sooner because on September 19th, 2017, BAASS Business Solutions will be showcasing this tool at the Concur Fusion Exchange in Toronto. At the event, customers and event attendees will have an opportunity to find out how the tool would benefit them and access resources to learn more. If you want to maximize the value of your Concur solution through the BAASS Bridge, countless breakout sessions, and presentations by industry leaders, consider attending the Concur Fusion Exchange. To learn more, please visit their website.

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Joe Arnone

About The Author

Joe is the Co-founder and President of BAASS Business Solutions Inc. He spent the last 30 years working within the ERP software spectrum. Joe oversees the business planning, strategy development, consulting and customer satisfaction of a diverse group of customers spanning many industries. He has built his organization around industry and product specialization and has transformed the culture to emphasize customer relationships, providing complete solutions with world-class services. Prior to establishing BAASS, Joe worked for the York Consulting Group. He has overseen 500+ implementations of Sage 300 ERP. Joe holds a Schulich MBA and an Honours degree in Economics from York University.