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Toronto, ON -- In October 2016, BAASS Business Solutions released WisePlanner, a custom designed budgeting tool. BAASS noticed that customers were asking for budgeting tips and strategies to improve processes within Sage 300. Based off customer feedback, they began developing a product that would meet the needs of their customers.

In October, the development team successfully completed and launched their brand new budgeting tool: WisePlanner. Since then, it has been implemented for a variety of businesses across multiple industries.

During development, the BAASS team focused on a few key elements. The main challenge their customers faced was too many manual budgeting processes – making their budget prone to errors. BAASS' customers prefered working from Microsoft Excel, but found it tedious to be moving from Excel to Sage 300 without an automatic integration.

Since the launch of WisePlanner, BAASS’ customers immediately found they were spending less time budgeting.  The tool reduces data entry across departments – storing all your budget information in one place, to be accessed when needed. All this data is seamlessly and efficiently moved between Sage 300, WisePlanner, and Microsoft Excel budgeting reports with a push of a button – increasing productivity and reducing manual data errors. Furthermore, WisePlanner allows companies to adjust Excel templates to reflect their specific business processes: this eliminates the time spent making special adjustments with every new budget. But most importantly, bookkeepers, controllers, and managers all note that WisePlanner is easy to use – it helps eliminate stress and the hassle of budgeting for everyone involved.

To learn more about WisePlanner, its benefits, and cost please contact BAASS Business Solutions by phone at 1.866.260.5302 or email at

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Joe Arnone

About The Author

Joe is the Co-founder and President of BAASS Business Solutions Inc. He spent the last 30 years working within the ERP software spectrum. Joe oversees the business planning, strategy development, consulting and customer satisfaction of a diverse group of customers spanning many industries. He has built his organization around industry and product specialization and has transformed the culture to emphasize customer relationships, providing complete solutions with world-class services. Prior to establishing BAASS, Joe worked for the York Consulting Group. He has overseen 500+ implementations of Sage 300 ERP. Joe holds a Schulich MBA and an Honours degree in Economics from York University.