The Answer Company Transfers Sage Customers to BAASS Business Solutions Inc.


The Answer Company announced the decision to transfer their Sage customers to BAASS Business Solutions Inc. The Answer Company’s President, Shawn Ostheimer, noted how a great amount of thought went into their decision to pursue other strategic objectives. Though it is with heavy heart they part ways with their Sage customers, they believe they found them a good home with BAASS Business Solutions Inc.

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The acquisition was finalized as of March 01st. BAASS Business Solutions Inc. feels honoured and privileged with being entrusted with The Answer Company’s Sage customers. We recognize the time and the care that went into cultivating these relationships. As we have collaborated with The Answer Company for the past ten years, we have come to learn how much we share in terms of ethos and methodology.

We welcome our new Sage customers! As we are now the largest Sage VAR Partner, we want to assure you can expect to receive exemplary service and support. It is our mission to continue enabling business transformation by providing ‘Beyond Best Practices’.



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