ERP:  Sage 300, Sage CRM  |  MODULE:  AR  |  INDUSTRY:  ALL

BAASS developed the Project Management CRM integration which links your CRM data and Sage 300.  This tool allows users to track and manage projects within CRM.  You can now have a complete picture of your resources and how they are allocated across all projects.

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Prior to using the Project Management CRM tool we did not have an adequate outlook on our deliverables. Since implementing this tool we have overhauled our entire project management process. We now can see exactly what resources have been allocated and are able to have a complete overview of our team.

- Professional Service Industry

Software Requirements
  • Supported Sage ERP systems
  • Sage CRM


  • Create and link Projects from the Sales Opportunity
  • Generate Reports and Statistics
  • Provide Alerts and Notifications to the Project Manager
  • Create Project Types:
    • T&M
    • Estimated
    • Fixed Fee / Subscription


  • Improved ability to analyze project status and details
  • Centralize data into one source of information
  • Provide Sales Team visibility to access Project details
  • Simplify scheduling resources and assigning tasks

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Zainab S.

With over 20 years of experience, Zainab has a wealth of knowledge in all areas of business technology. At BAASS, she is the CRM Practice Leader, working with clients and prospects to understand their unique business process. She is the architect and manages the implementation of small to large solutions in the CRM space. Zainab is a Sage CRM Certified Engineer and Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) with a Master's Degree in Statistics.