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Make Scheduling A Breeze

The Sage CRM Custom Scheduler is a tool that enables your team to easily and efficiently assign tasks, support cases, and opportunities to your team based on their availability and their knowledge base.

With this tool, you will have increased visibility into your team’s availability and resources. It will reduce scheduling errors and difficulties that make creating and moving appointments a breeze with the drag & drop, and makes business easier because it is integrated with your Sage CRM.  


Reduce Data Entry Errors  Increase Efficiency Integrate



With our new custom scheduler, we now have a full view of what our team is doing. We have been able to streamline our scheduling process based on their skills and expertise.

BAASS Sage CRM Custom Scheduler
Software Requirements
  • Sage 300 
  • Sage CRM

Features & Benefits

Have a Birds Eye View

With workload management you can maximize the performance of your team and helps melt away chaos, leaving you and your team feeling satisfied at the end of each day rather than overwhelmed.

Book Appointments With A Few Click

With Sage CRM Custom Schedule you can easily create and book appointments or tasks in your team's calendar with a few clicks.  This appointment can be linked to a case, project or opportunity for better tracking.

Take control of your billable hours.

Stay in the loop with a real-time view of your team's calendar on any device. Receive instant notifications and manage your team's schedules, from Anywhere.


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