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What is Sage Intacct Backup?

Creating a backup of your Sage Intacct accounting data is crucial today.  Unfortunately, technology isn’t foolproof and businesses never know when they may be faced with a database failure, system issue, or computer virus or any other threat that could impact your business data.
This is where Sage Intacct Backup comes in.  By using this tool you have complete peace of mind knowing you have total control over your financial data, where it is stored, and even how often it is backed up.  
Reduce Data Entry Errors
Increase Efficiency

Back Up Options BAASS Recommends 


Private Cloud

Private Cloud Hosting

Host your data on a secure private cloud, such as BAASS Cloud.

Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid Cloud Hosting

You can host your data on a hybrid cloud, which is a mixture of private cloud and on-premise servers.


BAASS Web Query Integration

BAASS Marketplace –  BAASS Web Query Tool
The BAASS Web Query tool will enable your team to run data queries and create custom reports in real time with your data. This tool will save you money and time and will provide you additional insight into your business financials. To learn more about BAASS Web Query and Sage Intacct back up contact us today.


How does the Sage Intacct Backup tool work?

The User will provide its credentials or a Web Server User to the application in order to connect with their Intacct Instance. Then, the user can configure which objects from Intacct they want to backup. Once that Configuration is done, the user can execute the backup manually or schedule a Job to execute it automatically. The application will create histories of the executed backups that will be available for the user to see and download it.

Now our company has complete peace of mind due to the Sage Intacct Backup tool. We know all of our data is safe and secure on a hosted server.

Features & Benefits

Back Up Configuration - Screenshot

Secure your Sage Intacct Data

Download and secure your Sage Intacct data on a location of your choosing. In the objects field, you can select specific objects or select them all to be backed up from your Sage Intacct; this includes your customized objects. Once the backup is executed, all your requested data will be grabbed and saved in your desired secure location. 

You have full access to audit history of your executions. You are also able to schedule a job to run backups and downloads automatically on a preferred schedule. 


Back Up Tool Screenshot

Execute Queries

After creating a query, you can execute it. You are able to utilize parameters to narrow down your search. This tool allows you to pull up your Sage data on BAASS' Web Query tool. Integration with our query tool allows for reporting capabilities on the backed data. 




Software Requirements
  • Client hosts:
    • IIS 8+
    • SQL Server or MySQL

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