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We have compiled the current and relevant Sage Product updates that you should be aware of.  Note in most cases you or another individual at your company would have received an email update about these from the publisher.

Please be advised that Sage has released Sage 300 v2022. Clients currently on a support plan with Sage will receive an email this month announcing that product release.

With the Sage 300 v2022 release, Sage 300 v2019 is no longer supported by the publisher.

Sage 300 supported versions are v2022, v2021 and v2020.

We advise that our clients wait until December to upgrade so we can complete all our early testing for BAASS developed tools and receive any updates from the Sage ISV's regarding their add-on solutions.

If you are interested in upgrading to the latest version of Sage 300, we kindly ask that you contact us to schedule your environment review and begin the upgrade process.

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If you would like to learn more about the newest product release, you can view it on Sage City: Sage 300: Announcing Sage 300 2022

Attention Sage 300 Payroll clients:

Sage has notified us that clients running Sage 300 v2019 Canadian Payroll, will receive one final tax table update that will be made available late in December. This will be the last tax table update specifically for this version. An upgrade to a supported release will be required in order to gain access to the tax tables in 2022.

If you are currently on an unsupported version of Sage 300 v2019 or earlier with Canadian Payroll, please contact your BAASS Account Manager to discuss an upgrade to your environment.

This product update includes the following new features and improvements in both Sage 300cloud web screens and Sage 300 classic desktop screens:

  • Updated 1099 tax reporting. For tax year 2020, Nonemployee Compensation is reported in box 1 on a new 1099-NEC form (instead of box 7 on the 1099-MISC form where it was reported previously). On the A/P Print 1099/1096 Forms screen, you can now print to the new 1099-NEC form, as well as updated versions of the 1099-MISC and 1096 forms.
  • Improved 1099/CPRS codes. 1099/CPRS codes no longer correspond to specific box numbers on forms, because these box numbers may change from year to year (which has happened with several boxes in tax year 2020, including the change to Nonemployee Compensation discussed above).
  • Instead of using the code as an indication of the box number where amounts should be reported, for each code you now specify a type of payment (or other amount) to be reported on 1099/CPRS forms. When you print a form for a specific tax year, amounts are automatically printed in the correct boxes for that year.
  • To continue using your existing 1099/CPRS codes, update each of them by specifying a tax reporting type (1099 or CPRS) and an amount type. Also, consider creating 1099/CPRS codes with meaningful names for your next reporting cycle (for example, if you currently use code 7 for Nonemployee Compensation, you might replace this code with one named NEC). If you create new codes, ensure that you assign them to vendors in Accounts Payable.

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1099 NEC form new for year 2020 for Accounts Payable Non-employee Compensation

  • 1099-NEC form new starting year 2020 for Accounts Payable Non-employee Compensation.
  • Nonemployee Compensation box removed from 1099-MISC starting year 2020 will now be on Form 1099-NEC.
  • 1099-MISC fields are incorrect.
  • 1099-NEC form available in Form 1099 Tax Reporting in Aatrix


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