Best Western

Company Facts

  • Hospitality Industry
  • 300+ Employees
  • HQ: London, Ontario

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The Best Western Lamplighter Inn and Conference Centre of London, Ontario, is widely considered the most elegant conference center in Southwestern Ontario, serving a spectacular setting for meetings, conferences, and weddings. The hotel's amenities include a waterslide, exercise room, and 172 beautifully appointed rooms. For nearly 20 years, the hotel has relied on Sage 300 ERP and the team at BAASS to ensure its business operations run with precision accuracy. For as long as the hotel has used Sage 300 ERP, BAASS has been a trusted partner in the hotel's operations, providing Lamplighter Inn with service, training, and advice.

Key Outcomes

  • Revamped time and attendance process
  • Enhanced inventory control with Sage 300 ERP Inventory Control module to help reduce shrinkage
  • Consolidated financial statements for 20+ subsidiaries using the G/L Consolidations module
  • Streamlined collections process with Sage CRM Collections Tab


One of their first identified challenges was how the hotel had always handled its time and attendance functions manually. Employees filled out paper timecards and turned them into supervisors for approval. The supervisors would then turn the timecards over to the payroll department for data entry. This redundant and inefficient process because increasingly challenging to manage as the hotel's staff grew to nearly 300 employees.

"Sage 300 ERP has worked so well for us for so long because it continually evolves and adapts to our business. Every release introduces something new and better. We are reaping the benefits of Sage's continual investment in the product.” - Helen Schols, Controller

Also, the Lamplighter Inn's parent company, Viscount Properties, manages over 20 other subsidiary companies using Sage 300 ERP; some of these subsidiaries are not running Sage 300 ERP on the same network or accounting database.


Lamplighter Inn's redundant time and attendance process led them to turn to BAASS for assistance. BAASS partnered with Manusonic, who produces time and attendance hardware and software that integrates with Sage 300 ERP. Lamplighter Inn decided on a biometric time clock system to eliminate the possibility of buddy-punching. As employees clock in or out, they place their hand on a terminal that captures a three-dimensional image of the hand and verifies identity with unparalleled accuracy. Furthermore, since hotel employees often split their time between various departments, Manusonic added touch screen terminals to each time station.
BAASS showed the hotel how they could utilize Sage 300 ERP's Inventory Control module to manage their inventory of alcoholic beverages. They were able to set up separate warehouse locations in the software for each area of the hotel where alcohol is stored or used: restaurants, lounge, banquet facilities, and more.
To efficiently generate consolidated financial statements for the entire organization, Schols utilizes the G/L Consolidations module. The G/L Consolidations module allows her to transfer and merge General Ledger account and transaction information between separate company and branch office locations, even when those subsidiaries are not running Sage 300 ERP on the same network or accounting database.


Since implementing their new time clock system, Schols mentions that "the hand punch system has been very well received by our staff. It feels less intrusive than a fingerprint system, yet has the security we were looking for". With touch screen terminals at each time station, the hotel could track labour costs by departments with employees selecting the department they work in.

"We really enjoyed working with BAASS. They know their products, and we know we can trust their advice." - Helen Schols, Controller


With the G/L Consolidations module, Schols can define the level of detail to consolidate, and a comprehensive audit trail provides a detailed record of the transactions. Within her organization, Schols relies on the Financial Reporter tool to give managers the information they need to make informed decisions.

"Custom reports are very easy to develop, and budgeting is streamlined and efficient." - Helen Schols, Controller

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