Boston Pizza


Company  Facts

  • Restaurant Industry
  • 350+ Locations
  • HQ: Richmond, British Columbia

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Boston Pizza combines two great concepts under one roof: a sports bar and a restaurant. Since 1964, it has grown to become Canada's #1 casual dining restaurant with over 350 locations that serve more than 30 million customers annually. 

Key Outcomes

  • Upgrade to a new version of Sage 300 ERP
  • BAASS worked with their internal IT team to upgrade their IT infrastructure 
  • Implementation of an automated EFT solution, cutting down processing time of invoices from a full day to half an hour


Boston Pizza was running an old version of Sage 300 ERP and needed an upgrade. The company was mostly supporting their Sage ERP system in-house.

“We resolved Sage-related issues internally and did not typically seek outside consultation. But given time constraints and effort involved, we were seeking a more collaborative approach with a Sage authorized support provider to help with the upgrade.”- Amber Dhami, Assistant Controller


Boston Pizza reached out to Sage, who recommended BAASS Business Solutions - a technology consulting firm specializing in Sage 300 ERP since 1991. Amber recalls, "It's a world of difference. The BAASS approach is personalized and responsive. Rather than just upgrading the software, they actually took the time to understand our business challenges and the operational improvements we wanted to see before even starting any work". 


Boston Pizza got so much more than just Sage 300 ERP support; BAASS worked with their internal IT team to configure Terminal Services, optimize network performance, and upgrade their IT infrastructure.

"They add value to our business with knowledge and resources we didn't have access to before." - Amber Dhami, Assistant Controller 

Amber recalled how their previous Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) process was convoluted, involved extra steps and duplicate data entry. She pointed out that "BAASS implemented an automated EFT solution that reduced the time it takes to process a set of invoices from a full day down to a half-hour. It's a huge time-saver". BAASS also resolved a challenging and time-consuming issue related to their A/R and A/P processing through the implementation of a 3rd party solution. This has streamlined the processes, making them more effective and efficient than before.

"BAASS Business Solutions helps us take advantage of features in Sage 300 ERP that we didn't know existed before. But more importantly, we now have a technology partner that's proactive, thinks outside the box, and is focused on providing the tools and knowledge we need for success." - Amber Dhami, Assistant Controller


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