Canco Cranes

Company  Facts

  • Manufacturing Industry
  • 35+ years
  • HQ: Vancouver, British Columbia

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Canco Cranes and Equipment LTD is a leading manufacturer of overhead cranes and material handling equipment. For over five years, the company has been engineering, building, installing, and servicing equipment for customers worldwide. Canco Cranes has relied on one ERP solution, expertly supported by BAASS, for over a decade: Sage 300. 

Key Outcomes

  • Upgrade to a new version of Sage 300 ERP
  • More efficient in handling customer-related business processes 
  • Implementation of Process Scheduler from Orchid Systems 
  • Usage of Order Entry, Inventory Control, and Purchase Order modules


Canco Cranes has relied on Sage 300 since it was a DOS. As they were preparing to upgrade to the Windows Version in 2002, they engaged with BAASS. 

"Sage 300 saves us time and ensures the accuracy and integrity of our data. The software has paid for itself and is now delivering a measurable return on our investment." - Craig Hammond, Sales Representative.


Sage 300 is a feature-rich solution that delivers a comprehensive toolset that the staff at Canco Cranes use to handle its busy sales and distribution cycle better. BAASS also implemented Process Scheduler from Orchid Systems. This add-on solution enables them to schedule when ERP data is checked, backed up, and automates other processes.

Canco Cranes utilizes the Inventory Control and Purchase Order modules to accurately track and procure various pieces and parts used in its assembly and service divisions. They track all their parts through the software and use the Requisition Function to generate approved purchase orders, ensuring adequate control over the purchasing process. The Sage 300 ERP Inventory Control module keeps detailed records for each company's inventory, including cost, markup factor, discount or markup rates, desired minimum and maximum quantities, and more.


The extensive toolset provided by Sage 300 has allowed Canco Cranes to be more efficient in their dealings with customers. They can quickly look up pricing and stock status, check current orders, and historical research transactions. Canco Cranes uses the Order Entry module to bill for its custom-configured machinery and service calls. As most of the equipment the company sells is specifically designed for an individual installation, BAASS encouraged the company to make use of the non-stock item feature in Sage 300, where the cost-of-sale is assigned as the item is invoiced.

"They came in and did a full business assessment. They tailored their proposal to our business needs and showed us where we could go with the product. For the past 10 years, we have relied on BAASS Business Solutions to support our system, advise us on its best use, and to keep our system current." - Craig Hammond, Sales Representative.

Process Scheduler maximizes system resource usage by enabling Canco Cranes to perform these tasks automatically, while the system is not being used. "Process Scheduler has worked well for us. It gives us a great deal of confidence in the integrity and security of our data," says Craig Hammond. 

With tighter control over its parts inventory, Canco Cranes can ensure that it has an adequate supply of the components it needs without costly overstocking. They also utilize the inventory and purchasing reports that come standard with Sage 300 to review transaction statistics and monitor open purchase orders.

"BAASS Business Solutions took the time to understand what we do and how we do it. They worked to keep our processing simple and straightforward, making it a very usable system for our entire staff. They educate us on new software features and show us how we can incorporate them into our workflow." - Craig Hammond, Sales Representative.

Sage 300 is delivering the value the company has come to expect from Sage software solutions. "We are getting outstanding value out of our Sage 300 system," concludes Hammond. "It saves us time and helps ensure the accuracy and integrity of our data. I feel that the software has definitely paid for itself and is now delivering a measurable return on our investment."

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Sage 300

Sage 300 helps you connect the most critical parts of your business: finance, operations, sales and service. Sage 300 is a robust solution that can be used in the cloud, with an on-premise solution, and or a hybrid of the two.

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