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Company Facts

  • Healthcare Industry
  • HQ: Markham, Ontario

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Cells for Life Cord Blood Institute Inc. (Cells for Life) provides safe, quick, noninvasive umbilical cord blood collection kits to new mothers across Canada, and long term storage of the specimens in its state-of-the laboratory. International interest in the enormous medical potential of stem cells has helped propel the growth and success of the company, which currently stores over 15,000 samples. 

Key Outcomes

  • Tailored solution based on the underlying power of Sage CRM and Sage 300 ERP
  • Better cash flow due to the ease of generating and sending statements
  • Access to the entire history of every sample
  • 20% increase in their viable sample rate


Cells for Life was formed over a decade ago, and initially relied on a proprietary Access database system to track donors and the five or ten specimen samples the organization received each month. As interest in the science grew, they quickly found themselves accepting over 300 samples each month. To handle the organization's unique business processes and to meet its accreditation requirements, they knew they would need a customized solution. Cells for Life began discussions with a local company, but Jane Virro mentions that "they just didn't get it. They couldn't bring it together for us."  

“We had to make a change and invest in technology to support our operations. The old system was never intended to handle the growth we were experiencing.”- Jane Virro, Senior Vice President of Administration and Finance



BAASS recommended a tailored solution based on the underlying power of Sage CRM and Sage 300 ERP. Cells for Life invested in a detailed needs analysis prior to beginning the project; this investment ended up saving them more than the cost of the analysis, and contributed to the success of the project. 

All prospective customers are entered and tracked within Sage CRM, allowing Cells for Life to track source information for all of its leads and customers. BAASS designed the solution with custom tabs and additional fields, including check boxes, date fields, and comment areas.

When new customers are sent a collections kit, it is recorded in Sage CRM. Simultaneously, a sales order is created for the customer, enabling Cells for Life to bill for the kit. As the collection kits are assembled and shipped, the powerful inventory controls in Sage 300 ERP ensure that the lot number for each component is recorded in accordance with best medical practices. As collected samples are returned to Cells for Life, the receipt is recorded, as are details such as the technician who analyzed the sample, and the ultimate storage location: "From within Sage CRM, we now have an entire history of every sample which is vital from a business aspect." In addition, invoices are automatically created and sent out electronically from the system, ensuring accurate and timely billing. 


By tracking details in Sage CRM, such as the unusable samples, Cells for Life was able to launch an education program for doctors to help ensure collection of viable samples. As a direct result, Cells for Life has been able to increase its viable sample rate by over 20%. This is a significant increase for the company, particularly when you factor in the annuity income involved in years of storage.

"It's so easy to generate and send statements that now we are able to keep on top of receivables which benefits our cash flow.” - Jane Virro, Senior Vice President of Administration and Finance

Cells for Life received a Commendable Practices Award from the American Association of Blood Banks. Virro believes the new solution is a fundamental part of maintaining these best practices. She credits the BAASS consultants for their expertise with the software, and their ability and willingness to understand the organization's unique business mode. 

"They were absolutely brilliant. BAASS thoroughly analyzed our workflow, and made insightful recommendations that have led to this project's success.” - Jane Virro, Senior Vice President of Administration and Finance


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