Company  Facts

  • Manufacturing Industry
  • Est.1987

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Founded in 1987, DYNACO has grown to be a world leader in High-Performance Door technology. However, DYNACO doors are more than just a high-performance door. Simply put, they are the world's safest and most energy-efficient, complete door systems. Aggressive, continuing research has resulted in multiple patented, revolutionary technological innovations that offer real-world advantages to their customers. For decades, DYNACO doors have been operating all over the world. Thousands and thousands are installed and operational in food processing facilities, manufacturing plants, aerospace applications, pharmaceutical environments, and freezer locations.

Key Outcomes

  • Upgrade to the latest version of their Sage 300 ERP software
  • Revitalized infrastructure
  • Addition of SAP Crystal Server to solve report processing issues


BAASS had a solid relationship with DYNACO based upon the support for their business management software, and the provided recommendations for maximizing the investment to ensure continued and smooth operations. 

Through this partnership, DYNACO understood that to remain efficient, effective technology was paramount. When the time was right to upgrade their Sage 300 ERP software, they naturally turned to BAASS. In addition, they had urgent issues with their hardware infrastructure. 

"We were reaching 98% capacity on our servers and definitely needed to take action before they bottomed out. We were unhappy with the outside firm we had been using to manage our IT and wanted to partner with someone who could give us more consistent performance. On top of that, we had several computers that were more than 10 years old and we needed to get current." - Martin Murphy, Controller


After speaking with BAASS, it was suggested that DYNACO upgrade their software, servers, hardware, and operating systems at the same time to bring everything current in a coordinated manner.

Already familiar with DYNACO's business model, BAASS knew what would be required and were able to effectively strategize about their future IT approach: "BAASS was able to provide a lot of valuable expertise and vision in helping us thoroughly research our IT options. From helping us understand the pros and cons of cloud technology versus managed services, to introducing us to the IT firm we finally engaged, we found their guidance and recommendations to be extremely thorough and insightful". 


Planning and execution of the hardware and software upgrades were completed successfully; DYNACO began to realize the business benefits of the project. In spite of this, an item that had been identified as a possible risk did prove to be the next challenge needing BAASS' expertise and fortitude to overcome.

As soon as it was identified that their reports were not processing correctly, BAASS immediately took control of the situation and offered a temporary solution that enabled DYNACO to continue to run their business. BAASS quickly diagnosed that a third party software program used in the report print process was one of the problem areas. When that vendor failed to provide a satisfactory solution, it was suggested that an SAP Crystal Server was the best solution for the future. This was presented to DYNACO who agreed to move forward with the recommendations. 

"This is where BAASS' determination and tenacity really shined. It isn't easy to get a major software company to take note of your problems, but BAASS refused to take no for an answer. They were our advocate and continued to reach out on our behalf until they found someone who was able to provide the fix we needed. Finally, I am extremely happy to report that the project is complete and our reports are functioning perfectly." - Martin Murphy, Controller

DYNACO now has everything they need to operate their organization effectively. With the expert assistance and knowledge of BAASS, they have revitalized their infrastructure, successfully upgraded to the latest version of Sage 300 ERP, and have established a foundation of growth for the future.

"Though we experienced some challenges along the way, I was extremely impressed with BAASS' fortitude in making sure everything was resolved. They provided advice and guidance in regards to our IT operations, and continue to be there for us with a regular follow up, communications, and support. They truly went above and beyond for us and I would definitely recommend them to anyone who needs advice or guidance on a strategy for their business software and IT systems." - Martin Murphy, Controller

DYNACO is now looking to improve on their already outstanding customer satisfaction ratings by integrating their existing systems with an improved customer relationship management (CRM) system and will be sure to contact the experts at BAASS to help them accomplish their goals.

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