Company  Facts

  • Distributions Industry
  • HQ: Vancouver, British Columbia

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Eastern Currents Distributing is a primary source of clinical and therapeutic supplies for progressive healthcare professionals. The company's customers are healthcare practitioners practising acupuncture, traditional Chinese medicine, and complimentary healthcare. The company enjoys sustained growth and requires a robust accounting and business management software that can expand as the company grows. They currently rely on Sage 300 ERP, backed by the professional team at BAASS Business Solutions. 

Key Outcomes

  • Implementation of Sage 300 ERP software
  • Streamlined implementation to minimize costs where possible, delivering a rapid ROI
  • The solution utilized and leveraged enterprise-wide 
  • Scalability of software has fostered company growth


Eastern Currents had been successfully using Simply Accounting by Sage but ran into limitations when its user count grew beyond what was supported by the software. 

"We were growing and needed the capability to scale upward. In addition, we needed a system that would enable us to accurately track our inventory, maintain detailed customer history, and integrate all aspects of our operation." - John Stan, President


Stan surveyed available mid-market ERP solutions, but admits a bias towards Sage: "I liked the simply Accounting by Sage software very much, and the service we received from Sage was exceptional. When we were looking to take the leap up to a more powerful system, I looked closely at Sage 300". 

Eastern Currents contacted 2 local Sage Business Partners and found BAASS to be the most responsive and knowledgeable. "They were able to provide solutions to our current problems and address all the concerns I raised. The consultants have accounting knowledge and know the product inside and out. They were able to assemble a solution that works very well for us," recalls Stan.


The conversion from Simply Accounting to Sage 300 went smoothly: "There were a lot of changes that involved a fairly committed restructuring of how we did things, but BAASS was there to help implement the changeover. They helped us deal with some of the infrastructure changes that we needed to put in place to handle the more powerful program". 

"The software allows us to effectively track all aspects of our business - thousands of inventory items and lot numbers, and more than 10,000 customers." - John Stan, President 


The cost was a major consideration during the transition and BAASS was able to work with Eastern Currents to prioritize and streamline aspects of the implementation, minimizing costs where possible, and helping to deliver a rapid return on investment. 

An Enterprise-Wide Solution Sage 300 has proven to be an indispensable tool for Eastern Currents. It is used across every department in the organization, from order taking, to shipping and receiving, inventory management and general accounting. 

Stan credits the scalability of Sage 300 by facilitating the company's growth. Eastern Currents has expanded to a second location and opened a second warehouse since implementation: "Our investment has allowed us to grow beyond the limits of our other software". 

"It is a collaborative relationship, rather than a sales relationship. I feel a real sense of partnership with BAASS Business Solutions; they are as committed to our success with their products as we are to our customers' success with our products." - John Stan, President


BAASS' customer service extends beyond its support of the company's Sage 300 installation. Stan recalls a situation where the server became overloaded, jeopardizing back-ups and overall data integrity: "Our IT team was not able to resolve the situation. We lost a day's worth of data and were feeling quite vulnerable. I called BAASS Business Solutions and they brought in an additional server to handle the overload. They configured it and allowed us to use it for a few months until we were able to upgrade our own infrastructure. That was a clear example of a company going above and beyond. We really appreciate their commitment to customer service". 

Stan is confident that in Sage 300, Eastern Currents has selected a solution that will scale with the company through years of growth. He noted that the system is full of features, and there are many that they are still discovering. He has equal confidence in his company's relationship with BAASS.

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