Engravers Depot


Company Facts

  • Distribution Industry
  • HQ: Concord, Ontario

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Engravers Depot Inc. is wholesale distribution of engraving equipment and supplies. The company serves a vast array of industries, from jewellers, machinery, manufacturers, and hospitals, to the military. Its products are shipped all across Canada. A few years ago, Engravers Depot implemented Sage 300 ERP as its end-to-end business management solution and has been reaping the rewards ever since.

Key Outcomes

  • Implementation of entire distribution suite of modules for Sage 300 ERP
  • Streamlined customer-related business processes 
  • Greater perspective on the business' sales activity + enhanced comparability 


Pat Bagley, President of Engravers Depot, met with BAASS, a local Sage Software Business Partner: "BAASS listened to our unique requirements for the software and showed us how they could customize Sage 300 ERP to meet them".

"We were already using Sage 300 ERP for general ledger and accounts payable functions and had been 'borrowing' our major supplier's distribution and order entry software since starting the business. But, when our supplier switched to J.D. Edwards, we decided to go our own way." - Pat Bagley, President


Bagley was impressed with the consultant's deep product knowledge and had BAASS implement the entire distribution suite of modules.


Engravers Depot buys sheet stock of plastics or other materials and cuts those sheets to order for its customers. The result is a complex matrix of sizes and prices. With an enhancement to Sage 300 ERP that BAASS developed, staff can enter the dimensions of customer orders and the system accurately calculates the price. 

Providing professional, personalized attention to its large and loyal customer base has always been a priority for the company. Bagley appreciates the Customer Purchase History function in Sage 300 ERP, which allows staff to quickly research customer purchase history: "When a customer is ordering supplies, they often need more of what they ordered last time and it’s fast to add those items from history to the new order". Sage 300 ERP ably supports the price levels Engraver Depot offers its customers, ensuring each customer is charged the right price every time.

"It gives me a great perspective on the sales activity of the business. I'm able to compare the current year to the prior year or isolate certain periods for comparison to identify seasonal trends. While I'm viewing the reports, I can even drill down on a summary number to get the details behind it. It's very powerful." -  Pat Bagley, President

Bagley uses a Sage 300 ERP option called Sales Analysis which enables her to look at sales data in ways never before possible. Sales Analysis includes dozens of standard reports, each of which can be customized using Crystal Reports.

With help from BAASS, Bagley has created a series of commission and sales history reports that detail sales by customer, invoice, and item and can be viewed as yearly, quarterly, or period reports.

"When our supplier visits, I can't help but show them how easy Sage 300 ERP is to use, and how much we get out of the software - and for a much more modest investment. They continue to be impressed at what it can do and how easy it is to do it. I couldn't ask for a better support team. Every day I think how much time, money, and effort we've saved by sticking with Sage 300 ERP - it continues to be a great investment." - Pat Bagley, President

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