MacGill Discount Nurse Supplies


Company  Facts

  • Wholesale Distribution Industry
  • Est. 1904
  • HQ: Lombard, Illinois

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Since 1904, MacGill Discount Nurse Supplies has earned a reputation for selling top-quality medical supplies and equipment at discounted prices. For 100 years, they have used their experiences and resources to provide prompt and personalized attention, and great products at even greater prices. 

Key Outcomes

  • Learning to leverage and make the most of Sage 300 ERP
  • Modification of platform, processes, forms, and reports
  • Enhanced purchasing, invoicing, and order fulfillment processes 
  • Custom indexes built
  • Implemented printing and bar-coding solutions
  • Cost savings of tens of thousands of dollars 
  • Reduced workload by 15%
  • Increased website sales by 20% due to e-commerce shopping cart implementation


When they had learned that the Unix-based software solution they had been using for some time was being discontinued, they wanted to find a new application that could meet their unique order entry and inventory needs. They ultimately chose Sage 300 ERP because it would allow them to streamline and automate all of their business processes.

Unfortunately, MacGill's new system was not properly configured by it's original service provider. Operating on a non-optimal database platform, MacGill experienced 1-2 hours of downtime each day due to system crashes. Luckily, they ended up finding BAASS in 2005.

"BAASS was great from the start and has been throughout the entire process. They are truly experts in their field and can always answer any questions we have. They took the time to learn every aspect of our business in order to ensure we're getting the very best out of our ERP solution." - Dan Plisk, IT Manager


BAASS went right to work modifying MacGill's platforms, processes, forms, and reports: "The BAASS consultants were always challenging us to take a closer look at the way we do things offered recommendations to improve our processes by making them more efficient. They enabled us to exponentially enhance the way we process purchasing, invoicing, and order fulfillment. The team at BAASS provides us with new ideas to keep us moving forward". 

Tony Chiodo, Partner for BAASS Chicago Offices added, "Once we got MacGill on the appropriate database platform and their system updated and stable, it was important to enhance their knowledge of their Sage 300 ERP solution. There was so much more it could do for them - it was just a matter of helping them improve their business processes and aligning them to their technology to give them the fastest and highest possible return on their software investment". 

To save MacGill time, BAASS also built custom indexes to help them look up previous orders faster. This has helped them cut down their research process when looking up previous orders with these new indexes.


In addition to the enhancements with the ERP software, BAASS was able to recommend further improvements to MacGill's operations to save them time and money. An implemented printing solution allowed MacGill to print onto plain paper instead of having to purchase costly pre-printed forms. This also improved their workflow by enabling them to route various copies of printouts to different printers throughout the facility. This solution provided an electronic version of the forms which saved postage as they could now send forms directly to customers and vendors via email. 

"We previously purchased about 40-50 cases of pre-printed forms per year and now we're purchasing zero. If you also include additional savings in postage, forms and personnel time, that's a cost savings of tens of thousands of dollars". - Dan Plisk, IT Manager

The implemented bar-coding solution eliminated the need to enter item numbers by hand. This makes the process 100% accurate and faster: "We've probably reduced our workload by about 15% and greatly decrease the occurrence of shipment errors". 

BAASS also implemented an e-commerce shopping cart solution that's fully integrated with their accounting solution. There's no longer a need to print out orders and re-key them into their system: "With their new solution, we have been able to increase our website sales by 20% and it is very easy to manage". Overall, MacGill has been able to keep their promise of delivering an exceptional customer experience and value to their customers.

"Over the past 5 years, MacGill's implementation of the various business solutions recommended by BAASS has enabled us to lower costs and increase operational efficiency. I have recommended BAASS on several occasions. They are a company you can trust to make the best recommendations for you as a customer. We are able to get support when we need it and that is very important to our ability to enhance customer satisfaction and retention. And the best part is the way they will challenge you to analyze your business processes in order to gain more efficiencies and a competitive edge." - Dan Plisk, IT Manager


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