MAG Wholesale Corporation

Company  Facts

  • Wholesale Distribution Industry
  • Est. 1976
  • HQ: Hialeah, Florida

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MAG Wholesale Corporation (MAG), a family-owned wholesale distributing and exporting business, has been serving South Florida since 1976. Despite specializing in automotive goods, they also provide service stations and dollar stores with paper products and toiletry items. Their customers include global exporters and local businesses. 

Key Outcomes

  • Upgrade of database and software
  • Customization that allows for automated, real-time import of pricing data


Albert Gonzalez, President and CEO of MAG, began looking for a solution provider who would be responsive to his business' time-sensitive needs. MAG found the level of service and expertise that they were in search of in BAASS: "Since day one, we knew we were in good hands with BAASS and are appreciative of Sage referring them to us". 

"Our industry moves at a very fast pace so we cannot afford to wait for service. We need someone that is not only knowledgeable, reliable, and trustworthy, but provides timely responses." - Albert Gonzalez, President and CEO


In addition to providing MAG with timely service, BAASS has expertise in the distribution industry and it is unique needs. BAASS first obtained an understanding of MAG's specific transaction flows and identified operational areas that needed prompt attention. With this completed, BAASS then upgraded its database and software to position MAG to maximize the functionality of their business management solution and equipped them to address their anticipated growth. 

Serving a broad customer base across a global marketplace presents challenges such as sensitivity to price fluctuations. Taking a proactive approach, BAASS thus developed customization allowing for automated, real-time import of pricing data.


The customization helped MAG remain competitive with their pricing, and sets them up to continuously improve profitability. Albert recalls: "I can remember a time when one of our servers crashed which caused our business to come to a halt. When I called BAASS and told them that I couldn't operate, they stopped what they were doing and fixed our server. If it was not for BAASS' above and beyond service, we would have been down the whole day costing us thousands of dollars". 

"The thing I like most about BAASS is that they are there for their customers." - Albert Gonzalez, President and CEO

Customer service is embedded in the DNA of BAASS. MAG had grown significantly, and BAASS is committed to continuously learning about their business and needs. This has helped them enhance customer satisfaction and retention even further. BAASS' service philosophy is to develop customers for life. As a result, we make sure to learn the ins and outs of each company and demonstrate that we are committed beyond the scope of the initial project. 

"BAASS resolves my problems, and that's what I need. BAASS has consistently provided better service than I have ever received. Every improvement we request or challenge is addressed in a thought provoking and timely manner, and I cannot praise their efforts enough." - Albert Gonzalez, President and CEO


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