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  • Not-for-Profit Industry
  • HQ: Winnipeg, Manitoba

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The Metis Child and Family Services Authority was mandated in 2003, bringing a greater focus and range of services to Metis and Inuit families all across Manitoba. The MCFSA mandates two agencies that support strong and healthy communities for children, youth and families. With its governing body the Manitoba Metis Federation’s legislated self-government, the MCFSA works closely with other governments and partners in collaboration to best serve their families.

We sat down with members of their team to discuss their experience working with BAASS and how they were able to utilize our mCase development tool to improve efficiencies, communication and cohesiveness across their multiple agencies. Previously challenged with multiple systems, locations, large amounts of paperwork and manual data entry, they knew they were in need of a solution that could bring everything together.

Key Outcomes

  • One central location for all purchase orders, disbursements, approvals, claims etc.
  • Insights into data for both the finance team and staff
  • Seamless integration between Case Management Solution & Sage ERP
  • Improved visibility into claims and validation processes
  • Automation of manual processes, limiting human error & improving efficiencies
  • Value-added with reallocation of resources


Metis Child and Family Services Authority had a great deal of manual work in the finance department due to one centralized department for all agencies at the authority level. They had significant amounts of paperwork with information coming in through fax, and claims from various sources; often last minute and urgent. They were in need of a solution that would allow data to flow from their case management system into their finance software seamlessly without the manual process. Their overall goal was to shift their focus from data entry to data validation.


Metis Child and Family Services Authority has been running on Sage 300 ERP (Accpac) for years and found the system was the perfect fit for their needs, however, there was a lack of connection between Sage and their case management system. They were in need of a robust system that could enable their case management and ERP systems to work in tandem. BAASS was able to suggest the mCase to Sage 300 Connector Integration which would be able to bring their two solutions together.

The BAASS Connector for mCase and Sage 300 reads the case management financial data and maps those transactions between the two platforms. This solution makes processes such as purchase orders, disbursements, approvals and claims simple to manage and report on, while gaining insights and tracking into process adherence and effective resource allocation.

“We’ve had a great experience working with Dave, he is extremely knowledgeable and is available whenever we need him. He is always accessible to connect remotely and able to answer questions thoroughly. We’re happy with the overall service he is able to provide.”


With their new solution, Metis Child and Family Services Authority saw a dramatic decrease in the time required for their cumbersome claims process. The BAASS connector tool allowed them to streamline the financial integration between their front-end case management solution and Sage 300. What used to take multiple agencies, individuals and paperwork has been streamlined with the new integration.

This new connection will enable them to successfully shift their focus from data entry to data validation, which will allow them to reallocate their resources elsewhere. The MCFSA continues to think of ways to add value while providing the best experience to Métis and Inuit families and communities.

“In the past, we would have to have to contact multiple individuals and sources to chase down paper documents. Now with the mCase and Sage 300 integration, it will be as simple as click-click send for approval.”


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