Midwest Wine & Spirits

Company  Facts

  • Retail Industry
  • Est. 2008

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Midwest Wine & Spirits Inc. has been providing retailers with wine, spirits, beer, and more since 2008. With a commitment to quality products, competitive pricing and excellent service, they experienced rapid and significant growth of their company in a very short amount of time. 

Key Outcomes

  • Implementation of Sage 300 ERP software
  • Training provided to employees 
  • Customization and automation to help overcome specific business challenges 
  • Increased organizational efficiency
  • Sales team increased by 400% 


As the company grew, they recognized that they needed an accounting solution with a higher level of functionality.  They decided to implement Sage 300 ERP and hired a consultant to assist them. Unfortunately, the consultant did not take the time to understand their business and only provided minimal training. This resulted in the system not being set up properly and ineffective utilization of the solution. Not getting the necessary results from their consultant, Midwest Wine & Spirits was faced with a choice: find a new partner with a greater level of expertise, or go back to their old system. 

"I noticed right away that our data didn't quite look right, and was eventually able to determine that roughly 10% of our history had been transitioned incorrectly." - Midwest Wine & Spirits 


Midwest Wine & Spirits had purchased Sage 300 ERP as it was the right solution for their organization. The challenge was in finding the right consultant to fully utilize its functionalities, and they found them when they were referred to the team at BAASS: "Our initial meeting with Tony from BAASS was truly incredible. After just one hour, he had presented several viable solutions to help us overcome some of our challenges. We knew right away that we wouldn't need to interview anyone else." 


From the start, Midwest Wine & Spirits were genuinely impressed with BAASS' level of service and support. Not only did the BAASS team have a strong background in accounting and a thorough understanding of Sage 300 ERP, but they possessed a clear desire to learn the complexities of Midwest Wine & Spirits' business.

The first step in BAASS' methodology was to gain a thorough understanding of the company's business processes, pain points, bottlenecks, personnel, and goals. This was achieved by interviewing and observing staff members and documenting all unique procedures. 

"BASS not only became a seamless extension of our own team, but made trusting someone with our vital information very easy." - Midwest Wine & Spirits 

BAASS sought to build a foundation of knowledge for Midwest Wine & Spirits by going over each area of the system with its employees. "We covered everything from set up and configuration, to the creation of master files and the impact that set up can have on transactions, as well as how to properly process both day-to-day and exception transactions", explains Tony. 

Following a successful transfer of knowledge, BAASS coached employees on specific real-world questions. Lastly, they documented all of the proper procedures to provide a reference for future use. With the discovery and training phases in place, BAASS began helping Midwest Wine & Spirits solve some specific challenges. 

"BAASS would be the right team for ANY organization, whether or not they have previous experience within your organization. They take the time to learn your industry and then seek to ensure you are as efficient as possible in every area." - Midwest Wine & Spirits 

From teaching their staff to use and trust their system, to customizing and automating daily reports and invoices, BAASS has provided a complete service. Thanks to their new efficiencies, Midwest Wine & Spirits was able to increase their sales team by 400%, while only have to add 3 additional office staff members. The owner of Midwest Wine & Spirits reflects, "BAASS' support has been incredible. I think of myself as 'Mr. Options', and I have to say that I am continuously enlightened by Tony at BAASS. I think that my idea to have the software customized to work better for us is the greatest idea since sliced bread, however, Tony stretches me by asking the really tough questions - getting me to think about what I am asking BAASS to do and how to make it happen. They have been really been an outstanding partner and great friends!" 

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