Company Facts

  • Professional Association
  • 2000+ Physicians
  • HQ: Fredericton, New Brunswick

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The New Brunswick Medical Society is the professional association for doctors in the province of New Brunswick. They are a membership-based organization, which administer a number of member programs within their offices for the doctors of New Brunswick as well as have an annual membership renewal campaign. 

Key Outcomes

  • Sage CRM Implementation 
  • Integration of Sage CRM and Sage 300 ERP
  • Better serve members through a centralized database 
  • Higher productivity with accessible information
  • Office space more wisely used
  • Reduced data entry 


Prior to the customization, member inquiries regarding membership and programs had to funnel through one or two people. These employees were the only ones in the office who had the knowledge of where the information was stored, and once the information was gathered, these same employees knew the various calculations that had to be performed to answer the inquiries. Furthermore, information was scattered throughout 6 databases and a paper filing cabinet, making accessibility difficult. 

"CRM is easy to use, whether you are an administrator or a general user. The screens are easy to read and maneuver through." - New Brunswick Medical Society


It was ultimately decided to implement Sage CRM, which would help New Brunswick Medical Society overcome their business challenges. 


For one, New Brunswick Medical Society is now able to better serve their members. All member information is stored on a central database, being their CRM. Once a staff member is trained on how to look up a member, they can answer inquiries immediately and no longer need to transfer the member to another department. 

They can also enjoy more productivity due to the CRM's ability to store historical information, as well as perform payment calculations. Staff no longer have to search for information and perform the manual calculations that were previously required. Furthermore, New Brunswick Medical Society has been able to use their office space more wisely, and save on costs. With their new CRM solution, they were able to remove 16 paper filing cabinets from their workspace. Instead, these spaces were converted into workspaces for 8 employees. 

"We are truly impressed with the calibre of work we have received from our BAASS team which include Zainab Salihi, Leo Hwang, and Andrew Liu. Prior to starting the project with the NB Medical Society, they had no knowledge of the work we did, however, they had a wealth of knowledge in best practice solutions and Sage products. They were able to quickly translate our day to day business operations into Sequal programming language, which in turn produces the easy to read screens we see in our Sage CRM product." - New Brunswick Medical Society

The organization has reduced redundant inputting of key information into databases. Prior to their Sage CRM and Sage ERP integration, when a member's address changed, it had to be updated in a minimum of 5 places. Not only was this time consuming, but by inputting the address multiple times, you risk keying errors. They can now update the address once, and have the information pushed through to AR and AP in ERP with no re-keying required. 

With a centralized data source, there is one source of truth. Their CRM is the one place where all staff members can go to for up-to-date information on their members. Furthermore, there is more complete information with the use of a centralized CRM solution. All 5 departments feed information into one location, whereas previously this information would have been stored in separate databases and spreadsheets.

Lastly, the company has reduced the time spent on processes. Previously, days and hours would have been spent on membership renewals and claim processing. This has now been shortened to taking hours, and even minutes, with customized programming. Once the calculations are completed in CRM, the information is pushed through to their ERP for processing with no external importing or re-keying required. 

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