Norcast Castings

Company Facts

  • Manufacturing Industry
  • 110+ Employees

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Norcast Castings Company Ltd. supplies high-performance parts and equipment for the mining and mineral processing industries and enjoys an unparalleled reputation for delivering superior performance equipment to its global  customer base. Its products are shipped to more than 110 mine operators in North and South America, Europe, Central and East Asia. As an international business with sales offices worldwide, Norcast demanded a powerful, integrated ERP solution to manage its diverse and growing operations. 

Key Outcomes

  • Upgraded Sage 300 ERP to current level
  • Addition of several new modules
  • Streamlined financial reporting process
  • Eliminated manual data entry required for certain processes
  • Remote access capabilities 


Although the company's head office has been using Sage 300 ERP for its financial management for years, the foundry relied on a legacy financial and manufacturing system. As a result, reporting was a lengthy, tedious, and potentially error-prone process of extracting data from the disparate systems and keying it into spreadsheets. "We would literally spend hours and hours each month generating financial statements for each operation," recalls Arshad Fazal. 

“With a thorough understanding of how we operate and what we needed from the software, they helped us make the right decision.” - Arshad Fazal, General Accountant and Project Manager



Norcast called on BAASS, its long-term Sage 300 ERP business partner, for guidance. The BAASS consultants performed a detailed requirements analysis prior to presenting their recommendations. Ultimately, Norcast upgraded their Sage 300 ERP solution to the most current version level and broadened the solution's functionality across its organization by adding several new modules, including: Multi-Currency, General Ledger, Accounts Receivables, Accounts Payable, and Spanish and French language overlays. 


A major objective for Norcast was to standardize and streamline its financial reporting process, and BAASS provided valuable assistance towards achieving this goal. Fazal says, "BAASS worked with us to standardize our chart of accounts across each of our companies. Their accounting knowledge and business expertise was very helpful in ensuring it was set up correctly."

The powerful Sage 300 General Ledger module enables Norcast to have meaningful account numbers as long as 45 characters, and the product's flexible architecture provides the opportunity to use additional industry standard reporting tools to access the database.

"Sage 300 ERP was working so well as a financial solution for our corporate office that we explored expanding its use to our foundry operation.” - Arshad Fazal, General Accountant and Project Manager

The inherent remote access capabilities of Sage 300 ERP allows their staff to access the system from any location: "Everyone is using the same system, so data is centralized and easy to access. I have one location where I can query the activities of each company." BAASS was able to design and implement an interface from their industry specific system into the Sage 300 ERP accounts Receivable module. This has made their process seamless and eliminates the need for manual data entry. 

"We value our relationship with BAASS. They help us get the most from Sage 300 ERP." -Arshad Fazal, General Accountant and Project Manager


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