Organ Recovery Systems

Company Facts

  • Health Care Industry
  • Leading provider
  • HQ: Chicago, Illinois

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Organ Recovery Systems is the world's leading provider of clinical products and services for the transplant community regarding donor organ preservation, evaluation, and recovery. Based in Chicago and with headquarters located in Brussels and a South American office in Sao Paolo, the company supports over 100 leading transplant programs in 17 countries with its LifePort Kidney Transporter and organ preservation family and flush solutions. 

Key Outcomes

  • Implementation of a business intelligence solution 
  • Greater visibility for sales and leadership 
  • Streamlined business processes


After experiencing significant growth and expansion in products, markets, and revenue, Organ Recovery Systems decided that they needed to implement a Business Intelligence (BI) solution to give them better access to their operational and financial data.

"We operate on multiple databases, currencies, and within international locations therefore analyzing and organizing data into manageable information is cumbersome to say the least. We wanted to completely get our arms around our business information in order to make the strategic decisions based on detailed product and market information. As we grew, it was becoming more important to be able to segment the business figures in a much more detailed, sophisticated, and meaningful way." - Lisa Kieres, Chief Financial Officer


Once the decision to implement a BI solution was made, Organ Recovery Systems naturally reached out to their trusted advisors at BAASS. Having worked with BAASS previously for assistance with their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution, Lisa was sure they had the knowledge and expertise necessary to complete such a complex implementation. 

"BAASS is a great partner for us because of their accounting background and business expertise. They provide guidance on financial reporting and inventory management best practices; they also know how to configure our accounting software to help us manage our business more efficiently, which is a great asset to us." - Lisa Kieres, Chief Financial Officer


Going into the project, Organ Recovery Systems had two specific goals in mind: 

  1. Streamline information gathering and give senior management access to true and complete information in regards to their products, markets, and growth 
  2. Have a user-friendly tool that their sales teams could utilize to view pertinent data

"I think a common problem for many companies is that the sales people and accounting staff use different numbers and data, leading to a 'disconnect' of information. The great thing about Business Intelligence is that it pulls the applicable information directly out of our Sage 300 ERP system, allowing sales and leadership to see." - Lisa Kieres, Chief Financial Officer


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