Posera Inc.


Company Facts

  • Provider of Hospitality Technology
  • 30+ years
  • HQ: Montreal, Québec

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Posera Inc. is a leading provider of point of sale software and hardware to the hospitality and restaurant industries. Based in Canada, and with offices across the USA, the UK, and France, Posera serves more than 20,000 customers worldwide through a network of more than 150 active distributors. The company's flagship product, Maitre'D Software, is published in several languages. Posera's unswerving commitment to customer service and continual investment in research and development earn the company an exceptionally high 85% customer retention rate. To sustain and build on its success, Posera relies on Sage CRM and the capable consultants of BAASS Business Solutions. 

Key Outcomes

  • Implementation of Sage CRM
  • Company-wide information sharing 
  • Ability to monitor marketing effectiveness
  • Savings in time and money
  • 10%-15% increase in efficiency


As Posera grew, it found itself struggling to manage several different software packages across various office locations and departments. 

"We knew we needed to invest in an integrated business technology solution that would serve the entire organization. Of primary importance was a 360 degree view of our customers- not just for our sales team, but for our service, support, and accounting- transactions as well." - Allen Shulman, CFO


Posera considered three integrated ERP and CRM solutions before deciding on Sage 300 ERP and Sage CRM: "We performed a SWOT analysis involving all three solutions. In the end, we felt the integration in the Sage Software solution was better. It provided the value, the feature set, and the integration capabilities we were after." BAASS, a Sage Software Authorized Partner, was hired to implement Sage CRM for Posera. 


As an opportunity is converted into an order in Sage CRM, the order is automatically created in Sage 300 ERP. To help customer support staff deliver better overall service, Sage CRM provides easy access to accounting-related data, such as credit terms and recent payments.

A salesperson working in Seattle can generate a service request for a customer and the software will notify the appropriate support personnel in Montreal. That same salesperson can then monitor the support case to provide a continuity of service Posera's customers appreciate. Using Sage CRM, Posera can also track the source of every opportunity in its pipeline. 

"We can track a specific sale back to the trade show that generated the lead. We can uncover how many leads that trade show generated, how many resulted in a sale, and the dollar value associated with the sales. This information helps us make the best use of our marketing dollars." - Allen Shulman, CFO

Management has a clear insight of what is in the sales funnel, can evaluate where marketing dollars are spent, the effectiveness of that spending, and monitor how each member of the sales team is performing: "It's opened that window between the accounting and sales side of the business that blends everything together." 

Schulman says that the combination of Sage 300 ERP and Sage CRM is saving Posera both time and money. Schulman mentions, "People are more efficient, so they are able to get more work done. We've only been live for about one year, and we're already seeing a 10-15 percent increase in our efficiency. That efficiency boost comes from the easy, company-wide access to data. All our information is in one location which means fewer wasted steps and better, more secure, and reliable data."

"We can now see our customer relationship from all angles. We really have a 360 degree view of our customers and our business." - Allen Schulman, CFO


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