Company  Facts

  • Professional Voice Talent Industry
  • 100+ Employees
  • HQ: London, Ontario

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Voices.com is the industry-leading online marketplace that connects businesses with professional voice talent, with over 1 million registered users. On one side of the marketplace, there are the clients who are in search of a voice-over, whether it be for media and entertainment, advertising, educational, or more. The supply side of the marketplace consists of voice-over talent, who audition for and complete the different jobs. The company has been around for 15 years and was co-founded by David Ciccarelli and Stephanie Ciccarelli. Their head office is located in London, Ontario, with a headcount of 110 employees. 

Key Outcomes

  • Previously manual work is now automated, leading to more streamlined and efficient business processes
  • Access to timely financial records
  • Ability to create departmental budgets and reports
  • Three primary integrations performed that run daily 


Prior to implementing working with BAASS, their controller, Brittany Nasso, noted that their accounting solution was simply unable to perform the necessary tasks for their business; it was outdated and lacking the functionality that the company required. 

“The process with BAASS and the implementation of Sage improved our processes, developed our team internally, and allowed for growth from a business and professional standpoint.”- Brittany Nasso, Controller


Through a requirements analysis, BAASS identified several areas where Sage Intacct would be able to fulfill their needs. Due to its fit and ability to integrate with their Salesforce CRM solution, Voices.com selected to implement Sage Intacct. 

Three integration's were performed, which run daily:

  1. Integration 1: Creates invoices for all sales that are closed
  2. Integration 2: Obtains and applies payments to their respective invoices
  3. Integration 3: Creates the bills for talent, which corresponds to the payables side of the transactions 


Since implementing Sage Intacct, Voices.com found their business processes to be streamlined and more efficient; work that was previously done manually was now automated. Brittany noted that there was a big transition in terms of the responsibilities of her team as well. Prior to Sage, her team was composed of A/R specialists that spent an abundance of time handling collection calls and logging collections. Now, these positions have changed to accounting specialists. Their role evolved to including more accounting based tasks, and they have more freed up time to work on other projects, rather than solely focusing on collections.

"I found that BAASS employees were extremely knowledgeable. Our one rep is an accountant by profession, so his background was very helpful during implementation.” - Brittany Nasso, Controller

Voices.com uses their new Sage Intacct solution daily, and it has greatly enhanced other departments besides finance. With the ability to create departmental budgets through the solution, department heads are able to review their spending more efficiently. Being able to do this in a reasonable time of approximately 3 days after the month-end, relative to a month after, department heads can make timely and more informed decisions about their current spending and budget. Brittany noted that, "now it's so second nature, but there was a point in time that we didn't have that feature."

"The CRM team did a great job in identifying and understanding our needs. IT was critical that they had experience with our business and understood what we were looking for. Ultimately, anything that we dreamed up, the CRM developers made happen!" - Brittany Nasso, Controller


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