Streamline Your Financial Operations with Credit Hound, Spindle Document Distribution, and PayThem

Wed, Jul 24, 2024 1:00 PM - 1:45 PM EDT

Ready to optimize your financial operations and boost efficiency? Join our webinar to discover how Credit Hound, Spindle Document Distribution, and PayThem can transform your finance and accounting processes. Learn to manage your Accounts Receivables, automate document distribution, and simplify payments, saving time and cutting costs.
What You'll Learn:
1. Credit Hound: Take control of your credit management and improve cash flow with automation and intelligence features.
• Automate payment reminders and follow-ups.
• Prioritize debtor management based on risk and overdue balances.
• Generate detailed reports to monitor and improve performance
2. Spindle Document Distribution: Automate document handling and embrace efficiency.
• Automate the distribution of invoices, statements, and more via email, print, or archive.
• Customize documents for better communication with customers and suppliers.
• Ensure compliance and security in document management.
3. PayThem: Simplify payment processes and enhance vendor relationships.
• Automate the payment cycle from payment to application.
• Integrate seamlessly with your financial systems.
• Ensure timely, accurate payments, reducing errors and improving satisfaction.
Key Takeaways:
• Benefits of integrating Credit Hound, Spindle Document Distribution, and PayThem.
• Practical tips for implementing these tools in your organization.
• Live Q&A to get answers to your specific questions.

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