BAASS Business Solutions named VAR Stars 2013 Winner


Bob Scott's Insights announced the 2013 VAR Stars

For the fifth year in a row, BAASS Business Solutions has been chosen as a member of Bob Scott's VAR Stars for 2013 - A group of 100 organizations honoured for their accomplishments in the field of midmarket financial software.

The selection of mid-market accounting software resellers for Bob Scott’s VAR Stars rest on one basic principal: quality, not revenue, as the deciding factor in picking the 100 businesses that are selected for this honor. VARs from very small shops to the largest participants in the business have been selected in past years’ and in this year’s rendition. 

Bob Scott top 100

A variety of criteria go into the definition of quality including awards resellers have received from vendors, such as the Microsoft Dynamics President’s Club and Inner Circle, and the President’s Circle, Million Dollar Club and Chairman’s Club of Sage North America. Growth, leadership in the industry and development and acceptance of important software products by the resellers are all factors in the selection. There is also an effort to represent as many software publishers as possible.

There is no ranking within these 100 firms. Firms were asked to provide the number of employees and revenue. In cases in which businesses did not provide revenue, it was estimated based on the number of employees, also taking into account the general price range of the ERP applications that these firms handle. In virtually every case, resellers derive revenue from sources other than the sale of mid-market financial applications. These include infrastructure and networking services and a variety of other software products. However, all VARs considered feature accounting applications as the core around which their businesses are built.

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BAASS Business Solutions customer-centric, collaborative approach has enabled us to expand our team and office locations throughout the years. BAASS has over 20 locations throughout Canada, the US and Caribbean. Our success has been built on a simple formula - deliver what we promise and build long-term win-win relationships.