Introducing Sage ERP Online Community: Sage City


Sage ERP launches Online Community known as "Sage City"

Sage has decided to launch its own online community for Sage customers, Sage partners, Sage employees, industry and product experts and others to share ideas, ask questions, and transfer knowledge and experience. This new Sage online community, available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and bringing everyone together has been named "Sage City".

Sage city differs from your standard, familiar online communities in the sense that it offers more than just the typical product discussion forums. There is an entire Business Communities section specifically for members working in similar roles and industries to discuss challenges and solutions to common business concerns. 

Sage City

Sage City first started at Sage Summit Customer Conference last year, when industry professionals used the live event as a way to connect and share ideas with other conference attendees. It made perfect sense to take the next step, and create a place where the discussions that started at Sage Summit could continue online. The new online community will bring together all of Sage product communities under the same umbrella, which is brilliant if you have various Sage products or want to learn about others.

Sage City Online is only the initial step in Sage's dream of having one single place for Sage Customers, partners and employees to meet and share their ideas and impart knowledge and experience. For the next steps on this journey and to ensure its success so that it can benefit all involved Sage is calling for all customers and partners and the like to get signed up and become a part of Sage City and commence building it. Visit and join the support group related to the Sage Solution(s) that you own, as well as any Business Groups relevant to your interests and expertise and start asking and sharing!

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