Company  Facts

  • Non-Profit Industry
  • 200 employees
  • HQ: Scarborough, Ontario

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Catholic Crosscultural Services (CCS) is a non-profit agency providing services that assist in the settlement and integration of immigrants and refugees. With 7 offices located in the Toronto and Peel regions of Ontario and just under 200 employees, finding ways to streamline their Human Resources functions was key to maintaining a lean operation. 

Key Outcomes

  • Implementation of Sage HRMS 
  • Sage HRMS ESS,  Sage HRMS HR Actions, Sage HRMS Alerts 
  • 95% paperless Payroll and HR Actions process 
  • 50% time saved on Payroll related functions


CCS turned to their trusted software reseller, BAASS, seeking a solution integrated with their Sage 300 accounting system. 

"Not only would I highly recommend Sage HRMS, but I would also highly recommend BAASS. The staff has been so helpful, the training was excellent, and the support is superb." - Janice Cooke, HR Generalist 


According to Nancy Pearce, BAASS' HRMS specialist, "The needs at CCS were a natural fit for Sage HRMS, which integrates seamlessly with their Sage 300 solution. The team at CCS was impressed with the paperless functionality and extra benefits of Sage HRMS, which decided to move forward an easy one". Thanks to the module-based HRMS solution, CCS was able to start by incorporating the Sage Payroll Solution. 


Janice Cooke, HR Generalist at CSS, stated: "While we've always used direct deposit, we no longer need to use pay-stubs. We used to mail 160 pay-stubs bi-weekly, but our Sage Payroll system offers a self-serve feature called HRMS ESS (Employee Self Service), eliminating the need for mailing. Besides saving us time, printing, and mailing costs, the employees love it". 

"The Payroll and HR Actions process is 95% paperless. It would be hard to quantify the exact cost and time savings in paper, printing, and time spent filing and even filing space, but I'd feel confident saying we are saving 50% of the time we used to spend on Payroll related functions. Even the HR Actions requests go through automated approval channels, so we still have control over the information in the HRMS database, and nothing ever gets lost in transit." - Janice Cooke, HR Generalist 

Sage HRMS ESS not only provides employees access to view pay-stub information online but with Sage HRMS HR Actions, they can submit changes and requests through the self-serve portal themselves. Employees can request time off, book sick days, request benefits changes, and update personal information. Also, HR Actions allows forms to be filled out on the website; these include employee appraisals and new hire information. The system allows automated routing and approval processes and pushes the data entry process to employees and managers. 

"Sage HRMS is an amazing solution. The time saving features like the self-serve portal, review and approvals automation, and alerts make sure nothing falls through the cracks. It sure beats worksheets, filing cabinets, and paper pushing. The fact that it ties into our accounting solution so seamlessly also means our financials are always up-to-date with payroll related expenses and liabilities." - Janice Cooke, HR Generalist

The next module installed was Sage HRMS Alerts. Based on settings and configurations, automated Alerts are triggered by key HR data. For instance, on an employee's anniversary with the company, it can be set up to send a congratulatory email message to the employee and their manager while flagging the manager to conduct a performance review. Other alerts may set up reminders that a probation period is up in two weeks or that benefits enrollment is due. Alerts can be established based on any data or set of criteria. 

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