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GEM Health Care Group


Company  Facts

  • Healthcare Industry
  • Est. 1979
  • HQ: Halifax, Nova Scotia

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GEM Health Care Group is a private company based in Nova Scotia. Since 1979, the company has been enhancing the lives of seniors who reside in their local communities; GEM continues to remain a leader in transforming the way healthcare is delivered to seniors. Currently, GEM operates throughout Nova Scotia, Ontario, and Florida. This is done with the help of 20 divisions and 2,500 employees who participate in the operation of various levels in senior care facilities within those regions. 

Key Outcomes

  • Customized Sage 300 Premium software to fulfill payroll and accounting needs in the long term care industry
  • Streamlined filing processes and billing system 
  • Access to more automated processes 
  • Can handle ASPE and IFRS compliant reporting standards


As the organization continued to grow, as did their need for customized accounting software. Working with BAASS, GEM was able to fulfill their payroll and accounting needs as an organization in the long term care industry. This was ultimately done through customizations to their Sage 300 Premium software.

With their 20 divisions and 22 collective agreements that had their own respective requirements, it was evident that sufficient software would be needed. The software needed to be able to increase efficiencies within the organization, all while meeting the unique accounting demands within the long term care industry. Due to their long history of working with BAASS, GEM decided to turn to BAASS to create software that would help their needs continue to be met. 


GEM worked with BAASS to customize their Sage 300 Premium software so that it would fulfill all payroll and accounting needs in their long term care industry. Despite having their current software in place for over 20 years, GEM decided to add some new features: 

  • Custom billing 
  • Long term care reports
  • Analyses for government reporting requirements 

These features contributed to overall efficiency improvement in their organization and its different divisions.

"BAASS has been a great partner and is integral to our growth." - James Balcom, Chief Operating Officer



BAASS helped GEM speed up their filing processes; this included processes for government agencies, intercompany reconciliations, as well as reconciliations of sub-ledgers. The decided solution also streamlined its billing system for long term care. Furthermore, in Ontario, GEM now had an automated cost and revenue filing process (quarterly and annually) with the Ministry of Health. 

With the new solution, GEM had access to more automated processes. Along with this, their software gained the ability to handle ASPE and IFRS compliant reporting standards. Moreover, the solution helped with standardization across their many divisions. This standardization also applied to their financial reporting; their financial reports would be completed with financial statement notes. Overall, the goal of increasing efficiency within the organization was met through various customizations to GEM's existing software solution. Along with this, the company maintained its ability to meet unique accounting demands in the long term care industry.



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