Megahair Family Group Inc.

Company  Facts

  • Retail Industry
  • 20+ spas and salons
  • Est. 1984

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Founded in 1984, the Megahair Family Group Inc. (Megahair) is an award-winning, family-run beauty company boasting two unique brands and over 20 spas and salons across the Lower Mainland of British Columbia and Vancouver Island.

Key Outcomes

  • Upgrade of Sage 300 ERP software with a subscription pricing model
  • The solution works seamlessly with their accounting department
  • Improved efficiency and cut costs in the payroll function 
  • Predictable cash flow due to a subscription pricing model


Megahair was running an old version of Sage 300 that was no longer supported. So when it came to updating their servers, the company discovered that upgrading Sage 300 to a version that would be compatible with their new technology infrastructure was going to be more costly than anticipated. 

"That personalized guidance and problem solving is the reason we've continued to rely on BAASS for all these years. It's important to have somebody on your side that knows your business, knows the ever-changing IT environment, and can provide meaningful support and recommendations." - Milajne Soligo, President


Following a conversation with BAASS, their long-time technology partner and ERP support provider, Megahair discovered a new subscription pricing model for Sage 300. Under subscription pricing, Megahair could make monthly payments to upgrade to a current version of the ERP software while avoiding the upfront, lump-sum cost that would have otherwise been required. 


Milajne reports that the new version of Sage 300 has been a tremendous success: "The new features help our retail department work seamlessly with the accounting department, saving hours of staff time. We've also improved efficiency and cust costs in payroll with the ability to send out pay stubs via email". 

"Technology rarely meets all your needs out of the box. That's why our relationship with BAASS is so important. They help bridge a gap by providing us with reasonable solutions that inevitably save us time and money." - Milajne Soligo, President 

The subscription-based monthly fee has also helped Megahair maintain predictable cash flow. 

"Another key feature of the subscription-based fee is never having to worry about updating the software because we're always entitled to the latest version of Sage 300. That's one less issue to worry about." - Milajne Soligo, President


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