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Company Facts

  • Trusted for over 30 + years 
  • Offers highly competitive rates 
  • HQ: London, Ontario, Canada 

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Founded in 1989, North American Brands (NAB) represents multiple brands within the manufacturing industry.  Representing manufacturers who are looking to buy and sell with Canadian retailers. NAB acts as an intermediary between the two parties.


Key Outcomes

  • Cloud-based technology, centralized information and provided real-time tracking
  • Artificial Intelligence used to classify invoices and extract data, eliminating manual tasks
  • Data is verified and routed via 3 points (AI, manual processing, Sage 300)



Prior to BAASS, North American Brands (NAB) was processing approximately 500 invoices per month for four different companies. Invoices were coming in from up to 200 different vendors on a daily basis. 85% of these invoices were received electronically via email with the remaining 15% being received via physical mail or fax.

"How can we grow as a company without having to add more people each time." - Sue Clifford

As invoices are received, NAB had to manually review each invoice and decide on what do to with the invoice. For example, sending invoices to someone for approval, manually checking to see if there is a PO number associated with the invoice so it could be paid once they received the invoiced item. These were manual processes requiring human interaction to review, verify or route the information.


NAB worked with Polar Imaging and BAASS to centralize their invoice process to a cloud base platform. In doing so, NAB was successfully able to streamline their AP processes, create automation, and establish integration with their ERP, Sage300.


"Since switching our invoice processing from manual to automated we have found a lot less errors. The automated data is almost 100% accurate"   

-Sue Clifford



"We were able to almost double our sales with having the same 3 employees we started with."

- Sue Clifford

Polar Imaging and BAASS Business Solutions worked together to create an organized workflow that was customized to our company's needs. NAB was able to save time, by replacing manual invoice processing with an automated AP processing system.

Having a better organized workflow, the company is able to take on more work, allowing them to work with minimal staff while still serving a large number of customers.

"BAASS and Polar Imaging have allowed our company to spend time on more work that adds value, rather than just mundane tasks" - Sue Clifford 


A Great Partnership

BAASS and Polar Imaging have collaborated to create a powerful tool to assist North American Brands. Both BAASS and Polar Imaging have a strong working relationship that allowed them to communicate and coordinate efficiently to benefit the customer. Implementing Polar Imaging's AI scanning software with Sage 300 via BAASS Bridge, both companies leveraged their strengths to create the perfect solution to help the customer's Invoicing needs. 


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About the Solutions

BAASS specializes in full business solutions comprised of a comprehensive range of services including requirements analysis, management consulting, system design, HRMSBI, configuration, software training and technical support in accounting, ERPCRM, e-business, custom solutions, and cloud solutions.


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