Parrot Cay

Company Facts

  • Hospitality Industry
  • Luxury Resort
  • HQ: Turks and Caicos, Caribbean

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Parrot Cay is an award-winning Turks and Caicos luxury resort set on its own private island. With a range of rooms, suites, villas, and privately owned homes, it is unique among luxury resorts in the Caribbean, which creates some equally unique business challenges.

Key Outcomes

  • Implementation of Sage 300 ERP
  • Added Time & Attendance and Payroll modules 
  • Automation of previously manual tasks
  • Streamlined accounting process


When Financial Controller, Karen Dodson, joined Parrot Cay, the property used a financial management system that wasn't up to the task. 

"I knew that the system in place wasn't going to provide the information I needed to make informed decisions. In fact, it was horrible, and didn't even have a General Ledger. I had worked with and linked Sage 300, and wanted to use it at Parrot Cay as well." - Karen Dodson, Financial Controller


Karen's search for a company that could sell, implement, and provide long term support for Sage 300 led her to BAASS' Miami Office. After implementing Sage 300, the Time and Attendance and Payroll modules were also added.

"Having remote support is just a fact of life when you live and work on a private island. However, it was critical to me to find a company that could do that well both in the short and long term. BAASS has never failed to meet my expectations." - Karen Dodson, Financial Controller


Karen mentions, "Having payroll, time and attendance, and accounting all as part of the same package, gives me the information that I need, when I need it, in a way that I can use it. The data is accurate, allows easy verification, and helps me solve issues". 

Parrot Cay's team also faced big challenges getting control over purchases, which lead to the deployment of the Purchase Workflows solution.

"What had been a completely manual task using spreadsheets, was now streamlined and incorporated into Sage 300. The accounts payable department now has a strong audit trail from requisition to purchase order receipt that contains the proper management approvals. This enabled our accounting staff to enter data faster without having to manually track down the documents to ascertain that purchases for goods and services were properly authorized." - Karen Dodson, Financial Controller



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