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Tina Davies


Company  Facts

  • Permanent Makeup Industry
  • 14+ Employees
  • HQ: Toronto, Ontario

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Tina Davies is a leader in the PMU (Permanent Makeup) Industry, offering services and supplies for Microblading Procedures since 2016. Based out of Toronto with warehouses located in North America, EU and UK, they ship products globally with the goal to expand into South and Central America. As Tina Davies has continued to growing by seeing increased growth in profits each year, Tina Davies knew they wanted to invest into their Finance Department to find a tool to allow them to scale. The team turned to a Sage Intacct implementation, partnering with BAASS and their development team to build a custom bridge between their ERP and eCommerce platforms Shopify and Amazon. 

Key Outcomes

  • Insights into inventory levels and forecasting
  • Custom bridged integrations between Sage Intacct, Shopify and Amazon
  • Ability to enforce a remote workplace rapidly 
  • Increased accuracy of Key Performance Indicators 
  • Expansion of product line by 941.67%  seamlessly post implementation


Prior to implementing a full business management solution, all accounting was outsourced; completed through spreadsheets and a disconnected Quickbooks system. Outsourcing left Tina Davies with lack of visibility, connectivity, and actionable insights. With no clearly defined process in place it was difficult to manage and accurately forecast inventory levels for their eight warehouse locations. This made them dependent on employees manually entering data, with high risk for potential human errors. “Having third party accountants -- you lose visibility on your bottom line and how your company is performing on a regular basis” says Finance and Operations Manager, Anthony Sangra. Business operations and transactions were happening through Shopify and Amazon, although they had little to no insights on the success, trends and forecasting.

“The business evolves faster than the finance team can keep up with a lot of the times.”- Anthony Sangra, Finance and Operations Manager



Tina Davies knew that they wanted to invest in the finance department to scale systems, tracking and operations in-house. They wanted a solution that would grow with them and help monitor business processes and activities for long term success. After discussing priorities, needs, and current processes BAASS and Tina Davies decided that the Cloud based solution Sage Intacct would be the best fit for desired needs. The company decided to go fully cloud by having every application cloud based and automated to ensure accuracy and accessibility; this decision has allowed them to simply transition to a remote workplace during the COVID-19 pandemic. The BAASS development team worked closely with Tina Davies to develop a working bridge that would bring together Shopify and Amazon transactions to one fully integrated and responsive solution. 


Since implementing Sage Intacct, Tina Davies has been able to utilize their system for marketing and inventory reporting, analyze program efficiency and customer analytics, launch an academy and create an overall streamlined approach.

"Tina Davies is now able to take advantage of KPIs to gain actionable insight into profitability, cash flow, forecasting, customer lifetime value and more. It’s great working with a partner that can help you keep up with things” - Anthony Sangra, Finance and Operations Manager

The BAASS developed bridge between Shopify and Amazon enabled them to have one responsive, collaborative, and organized system to show all details about the business. Bringing all available information into one system has allowed them to simplify processes, save time, and increase accuracy with the ability to quickly pull reports on Amazon and Shopify, without needing to map products; just a simple click and they are able to gain the information. Since implementation Tina Davies has gone from offering around 24 products to 250, Sage Intacct has helped them to stay organized and adapt to any sudden changes during their transition, and with the goal to continue expansion they look forward to what is to come.

"Working with the development team has been the shining point of the implementation, we are one of the first companies to get access to this information. Amazon is not a company that shares data nor is it consistent across their sites. Coming up with a solution to gain these insights and rapidly adapt to changing needs and technology, while having the capacity to analyze and deploy new tactics right away allows us to stay up to date with information and prepared for the future" - Anthony Sangra, Finance and Operations Manager


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